Aunt Incest 8: Knocking Up My Aunt & Cousin

by Velvet Diamond

It started when my mom told me that Aunt Rachel and Cousin Emily had invited me over to their house for the weekend.

I couldn't believe my luck.

Both of them were drop-dead gorgeous, and I had fantasized about them so many times.

I arrived at their house Friday night and was greeted by them at the door.

They both looked amazing in tight yoga pants and tank tops.

"Oh, hey, you're here," Aunt Rachel said, giving me a hug. "We're so excited to have you stay with us."

"Yeah, we have a ton of fun planned," Emily added. "We're gonna make homemade pizza tomorrow, and then on Sunday, we're gonna go hiking in the woods."

We went inside, and I could feel myself getting more and more turned on by the sight of their toned bodies and their perfect tits.

"Sorry we're a bit under-dressed, we were just doing some yoga. Wanna join?" Emily giggled.

I stared at my sexy, 18-year-old cousin for several minutes, my eyes taking in her perky tits and round ass. She was gorgeous, and I wanted her so badly.

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