Ass-Fucked Daughters Books 1 – 24 : 24-Pack

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Ass-Fucked Daughters Books 1 – 24 : 24-Pack
Part of the Ass-Fucked Daughters series:

Features books 1 – 24 of the series, where naughty daughters demand to be taken in the most sinful spot of all for the first time.  Read how these brats get everything that’s coming to them from their dominant, alpha Daddies that wow them with a wealth of experience.

Contains : ‘Chef Daddy In My Virgin Butt,’ ‘Mocha Choca Anal Latte,’ ‘Taken To The Workshop To Be F’d In The A,’ ‘Lab Test Anal Sex,’ ‘Two In My Ass,’ ‘Daddy In My Ass While Mommy Drives,’ ‘Daddy Dropped Anchor In My Ass,’ ‘My Soccer Victory Ass-F,’ ‘A Pawn In His Game,’ ‘Daddy Took Down My Jeans,’ ‘Trying It In My Ass With Daddy,’ ‘Air Force Anal,’ ‘Daddy’s Hard Helmet,’ ‘My Blindfolded Daddy F’d My Ass,’ ‘Going Down With Daddy,’ ‘The Wrong Box,’ ‘Daddy’s Secret Stash,’ ‘My First Time Anal Meet-Up,’ ‘Spin The Bottle,’ ‘Anal For Sale,’ ‘Tex-Ass Hold’em,’ ‘F’d In The A By The Highway,’ ‘Comforted By My Boss – In The A!,’ and ‘Putting My Sleeping Daddy In Mouth And Then My A.’


He stood across from me in his chef’s outfit, just watching me for now.  I sat on the table and felt his sudden scrutiny, looking down my body at my unflattering chef whites.

“What?” I asked finally, letting out a nervous laugh.

“I just didn’t think my daughter would ever make advances on me,” he said.

“I’m not,” I laughed.  “Am I?”

“Come on, Sarah,” he said, walking close again.  “You don’t want to do anything right now, while we’re alone?”


“Right here.”

I swallowed hard again.  I couldn’t work out whether this was another one of his tests.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Well,” Daddy said, pushing my knees open and putting himself between them again.  “I was thinking of tearing down your pants and fucking your ass.”

I stared blankly at him, my mouth opening slowly in shock.  My mind was abuzz.


“In fact,” Daddy said, lifting me down off the table.  “I think I’m just going to do it.”

Daddy lifted his top over his head and tossed it behind himself, revealing his muscled, barrel-chest that was strewn with hair.

I gushed a whimper, trying to deal with the sudden emotional torment that had been dumped on me.  Daddy … was going to fuck … my ass.

“You—you’re gonna—”

“I’m gonna fuck your ass, Sarah,” he repeated.  “You have a problem with that?”

“I—I’ve never had my ass fucked before,” I said, as if that was the only issue I had.

“I’ll be gentle,” Daddy said, but his smirk belied the truth.  “Take those off,” he said, pointing.

I looked down to my outfit.  “Everything?”

“Everything,” Daddy said.

I imagined I was still on the clock and Daddy was my boss.  I had to do what he said.  Fuck, I wanted to do what he said.  The idea of his stiffness inside me was making me wet.  I didn’t care how he ended up inside me, I just wanted him there.

“Are you hard now?” I asked, taking off my top to reveal my bra beneath.

Daddy looked to my big tits.  “Almost,” he said.  He walked forward and put his hands on my shoulders.  “We can’t tell anyone about this, okay?”

“Okay,” I nodded.

Daddy reached behind and pulled me close, bending his knees so that his face was level with mine.  I stood on tip-toes and reached my lips to his.

The kiss was small at first, like the thousands of other times I’d laid my lips on his, but then my mouth opened and I tried my tongue inside his mouth.  He sucked my breath from me and pulled me close to him, taking my weight effortlessly and lifting me.

My naked skin pressed against his body and his hands wound up my back in search of my bra straps.  He rolled them off my shoulders and deftly unclasped the back of the garment.


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