Ass-Fucked Daughters 8-Pack : Books 17 – 24

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Ass-Fucked Daughters 8-Pack : Books 17 – 24
Part of the Ass-Fucked Daughters series:

Features books 17 – 24 of the series, where naughty daughters demand to be taken in the most sinful spot of all for the first time.  Read how these brats get everything that’s coming to them from their dominant, alpha Daddies that wow them with their girth and experience.

Contains : ‘Daddy’s Secret Stash,’ ‘My First Time Anal Meet-Up,’ ‘Spin The Bottle,’ ‘Anal For Sale,’ ‘Tex-Ass Hold’em,’ ‘F’d In The A By The Highway,’ ‘Comforted By My Boss – In The A!,’ and ‘Putting My Sleeping Daddy In Mouth And Then My A.’


He did some maneuvering and then opened the box, delving inside and producing a tube of clear liquid.  He held it up and smiled.  “I knew I had some somewhere.”

I held out my hand for it and Daddy placed it in my palm.  Instead of stowing it away I squirted some of it onto my finger.

“Amber!” he warned.

Without ceremony I returned the digit to my ass, thrusting it easily through the little hole until my finger was halfway inside.

I let out a satisfied groan and Daddy stopped protesting.

“Satisfied now?” he asked.

“Mmm, almost.”  I looked back at him with a sultry gaze.  “I could do with something bigger.”

Daddy took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.  He was clearly trying to calm himself down, but from anger or arousal I couldn’t be sure.

I made no secret of trailing my eyes down his body and settling on the crotch of his jeans.  As I did so something inside them stirred.


“Would you like to help out your daughter?” I asked.

By now I was squeezing the digit back and forth through my muscle and relishing the sensation of having something inside there.

“You want it straight in your ass?” Daddy asked.

“Have any better ideas?”

“I was thinking I could put it in your mouth and finally shut you up.”

I let out a shocked laugh and Daddy smiled.

“That sounds good to me,” I said.

He took a few steps towards me and I pushed out my ass, arching my back and trying to give him the best view possible.  His hand was bouncing at his cock in his pants, adjusting himself as though the size of his packet couldn’t be contained.

“Is all of that for me?” I asked, slipping out my slick finger finally.  I put it in my mouth and sucked.

Daddy rubbed at his stubble.  “Every inch.”

He came behind me and wrapped his hands around my body, squeezing at my tits and pressing his waist to my ass.  I could feel the stiffness in his pants as he kissed at my shoulder and neck and I knew then that both of our lives were gonna change forever.

“This is what you wanted?” Daddy said.

I giggled.  “More than anything.”

“And do your promise you’ve never had anyone else in there?”

“In my ass?  You’d be my first, Daddy.  I’m an anal virgin, just like your little magazine.”


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