Ass-Fucked Daughters 4-Pack : Books 21 – 24

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Ass-Fucked Daughters 4-Pack : Books 21 – 24
Part of the Ass-Fucked Daughters series:

Features books 21 – 24 of the series, where naughty daughters demand to be taken in the most sinful spot of all for the first time.  Read how these brats get everything that’s coming to them from their dominant, alpha Daddies that wow them with their girth and experience.

Contains : ‘Tex-Ass Hold’em,’ ‘F’d In The A By The Highway,’ ‘Comforted By My Boss – In The A!,’ and ‘Putting My Sleeping Daddy In Mouth And Then My A.’


“We shouldn’t,” he said.  I was shaking his resolve.

“These big lips around your hard cock, Daddy.  Don’t tell me you don’t want that.”

“Oh, Georgia, what are you doing to me?”

“Anything you want.”

He stroked at his stubble.  “Sixty-forty.”

I started to laugh.  “I can’t even believe you think you have any bargaining-power here.  I’ve got twice your chips!  Half or I start saying ‘Daddy’ a little louder.”

“Georgia …”

“Yes, Daddy?” I shouted.

“Will you quit it!” he hissed, stepping forward.

His hand was on my wrist and he was close enough that I could smell the sweet, woody aftershave.

I bit my lip and breezed: “I’ll let you put it in my ass.”

I could see his pupils fatten in an instant.  What guy doesn’t wanna do that?  Daddy was sold immediately.

“We don’t have long,” he said, looking to the door.


He grabbed a chair and wedged it under the handle.

“Fifty-fifty?” Daddy said.

I nodded.  “And you can do whatever you want to me.”

Daddy took a deep breath and stepped forward.  His hands came to my hips and he stroked the side of the silken dress that I’d donned for the occasion.

“I’ve waited for this,” I hushed.

He planted his lips on mine and I melted into him immediately.  I could feel his big hands sliding over my dress.  I could taste him.  My tongue pressed against his and I inhaled deep.

I pushed up under his suit-jacket and squeezed his shirt.  I could feel his strong muscles beneath.  Daddy had started to squeeze my ass and our kiss was becoming more and more erotic by the second.

It didn’t take long for my hand to wander round to the front of his pants.  I started to squeeze at his crotch and I could feel the stiffness inside.

“You feel ready,” I hushed.

“Are you?”

He kissed me deeper and put his hands on my tits, squeezing at my dress.  My nipples were already stiff and Daddy took no time in seeking them out.

He pulled his mouth off mine and looked down at my bustling cleavage.  His hand pulled out my dress and he pushed it down.  My stiff, pink nipple was revealed, but not for long.  Daddy put his lips right over it and sucked me into his mouth.

“Daddy!” I burst.

As his mouth sucked my tits his hand ventured under my dress.  He pushed up over the top of my stockings and didn’t stop.  Soon his fingers were rubbing at my hot crotch and my whole body was trembling.

I raced to unfasten Daddy’s pants, tearing his belt through the loops and racing down his zipper.

“No time to be sensual,” Daddy smiled.

“How’s this for sensual?”

I dropped to my knees and yanked open his pants.  Daddy’s huge cock flailed up out of his boxer-shorts and stood proud in front of me.


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