Ass-Fucked Daughters 12-Pack : Books 13 – 24

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Ass-Fucked Daughters 12-Pack : Books 13 – 24
Part of the Ass-Fucked Daughters series:

Features books 13 – 24 of the series, where naughty daughters demand to be taken in the most sinful spot of all for the first time.  Read how these brats get everything that’s coming to them from their dominant, alpha Daddies that wow them with their girth and experience.

Contains : ‘Daddy’s Hard Helmet,’ ‘My Blindfolded Daddy F’d My Ass,’ ‘Going Down With Daddy,’ ‘The Wrong Box,’ ‘Daddy’s Secret Stash,’ ‘My First Time Anal Meet-Up,’ ‘Spin The Bottle,’ ‘Anal For Sale,’ ‘Tex-Ass Hold’em,’ ‘F’d In The A By The Highway,’ ‘Comforted By My Boss – In The A!,’ and ‘Putting My Sleeping Daddy In Mouth And Then My A.’


“Let’s make a mistake,” I beamed.

I started to unfasten his flannel shirt and Daddy took off his hard-hat.  My hands immediately brushed through his soft, brown hair.  I held his head, gently scratching my nails against the back of his neck.

With his shirt halfway open I could make out the bushy chest-hair beneath.  He was so damned manly that I didn’t even know where to begin.  It’d be an honor to illicit an impassioned groan from a guy as alpha as him, and I was determined to get one.

“Fuck my ass,” I said, leaning in towards his ear.  “I want you to fuck my ass.”

“Oh, Felicia,” he whispered.

He moved me effortlessly to the couch and dropped me down on the cushion, quickly rushing to his shirt to open the remaining buttons.

I unclasped the shoulders of my dungarees and pulled them down quickly, showing Daddy the lacy bra that covered my modesty.


His eyes were unwavering as they locked on my breasts.  He started to unfasten his belt and I rushed forward to help, desperate to claim my prize inside.

“Let me do that,” I said.  “I want to pull that thing out by myself.”

Daddy moved his hands away and looked down his burly frame at me as I tackled the button of his work jeans.

It popped open fiercely with the pressure of his bulky cock behind it, forcing the zipper down a half-a-ways.

“That looks big,” I swooned, slowly peeling the zipper down the rest of the way.

Daddy’s tight, white underwear sat beneath, rising over the thick rod that sat proud underneath.

“I hope you can handle it,” he said.

“I don’t care,” I beamed.  “One way or another, it’s going in my ass.”

“That’s my girl,” he said, stroking softly at my face.

It was odd to be complimented for such a sinful wish, but his words felt good nonetheless.  Any ounce of approval from Daddy was always gratefully received.

“Let’s see what I’m dealing with here,” I hummed.

I took the waist of his boxer-shorts in two hands and pulled them out from his body and then down.  Slowly I revealed the meaty head of his cock, all smooth on the crown with rippled veins stretching up the thick barrel.

“Oh, fuck,” I hushed, revealing more and more of it until I could see its full majesty.

“Still think you stand a chance?” Daddy said.

“I wanna try.”

I shuffled his pants down impatiently and Daddy helped now, moving them down his thighs until they sat above his knees.

His cock hung proudly in the air, bobbing slightly as each fierce beat of lusty blood pumped into it.  My pussy was swelling with desire just looking at it, but the juices that started to flow there would be useless.

“Give me that thing,” I whispered.

I put my hand around it and felt and rush of adrenaline hit me.  To be in control of something so big and powerful—and something so personal too!  It was like Daddy had surrendered himself to me, and I didn’t want to disappoint.

I raced my lips over the bulbous head and struggled to feed him into my mouth.  Above I heard the deep, heady grunt of his enjoyment as he closed his eyes.  I felt his body relax above me and then I could feel his eyes on me as I toyed with him.


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