Ass Fucked by My Son in the Fitting Room : Anal Mothers 3

by Tori Westwood

I need a second opinion on a dress I’m trying on so I decide to pull my son in to the stall for a man’s perspective.  He’s embarrassed at first but soon I can see a change in him as he looks over the dress.  While he’s here I decide he might have an opinion on my panties too.  Maybe he has an opinion on my ass … maybe he has an opinion on my asshole!  Oh God, this is just so wrong!


“Should be nice and tight in my ass,” I smirked, putting him back through my lips before he had chance to react.

He started to grind his hips slowly and I pulled his jeans further down his legs, fondling his heavy balls and kissing my way down his cock.

My fist rolled over his wet length as I sucked the low-hanging fruit into my mouth, listening to him gasp above me.  It was clear he’d never had anyone do anything like this to him before.

I jerked his dick in my hands and then pushed him back into my mouth, rocking my head over him wildly and rubbing at the wet lips of my pussy as I started to lose myself.

I unclasped my bra and stood to my feet, kissing his bewildered face and giggling as I pulled him back with me to the bench.


I sat on it and dragged him down with me, pointing his face very deliberately towards my hot, aching sex.  My legs split wide and I bunched my tits together, squeezing the nipples and showing him how wet he was making me.

“Suck Mommy’s pussy,” I begged, keeping my legs open wide.

Jason seemed mesmerized by the image of his mother’s wet, smooth pussy staring at him, but nevertheless he found himself drawn to it.

Like a tractor-beam it pulled him forwards and I felt my excitement rising as his mouth approached my velvet flesh.

I shuddered as his breath raced over it, then I gasped as he gave it a big, open mouthed kiss, tasting my wetness in one swooping arc of his tongue.

He slid it up my slick channel and punched it into my gasping O, toying my loose flesh with his fingers and exploring my folds.

“That’s it, honey,” I purred, putting my heel behind the back of his head and pulling him onto my pussy.

Jason ate from me like a consummate pro.  Something about his inexperience seemed to intensify the sensations.  It was as though his random fumbling and wild licks and flays were part of a greater plan.  He licked me without mercy or inhibition, making his face wet with my juices.

In no time at all I was a trembling wreck, contorting my body and pulling my legs back at their thighs so Jason could really get in there.

I pushed my ass out and I was delighted when he took his cue, tonguing his way down off the bottom of my pussy and finding my tight asshole soon afterwards.  He pushed his tongue into the muscle and worked his way around the forbidden ring, teasing it open just enough so that he could get some of his tongue through the tight aperture.

“Eat my fucking ass, baby,” I strained, looking down into his eyes and watching him at work.


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