Another Woman in Our House : Cuckqueans 4

by Connie Cuckquean

Someone finally answered our request on the forum and today was the day.  A stranger was going to walk into our house and fuck my husband.  I start out listening from the other room but soon I have to see it up close and personal – very personal indeed.  Fuck her, honey, and let me clean the cum from her pussy afterwards.


“You want to lick my ass too?” Candice said, talking to me but looking up at Robert.  “Go ahead.  Fuck my ass with your tongue, there’s a good slut.”

She ran her fist quickly over Robert and sucked and kissed at the round, bulbous crown.  His knuckles turned white as he griped the sofa and his gaze switched between me and Candice’s mouth.

I punched my tongue into her tight ass and listened to her appreciative groans.  I’d switch between pussy and asshole whenever I felt like, giving each hole the treatment that I knew Candice deserved.

“I want you to feed him into me,” Candice said now, standing up and leaving me knelt on the floor.  She turned to face me and got up on the sofa, straddling Robert’s legs and squatting down over him.

“Grab his cock,” she said.  “Stand him up for me.”


Robert could have done that much himself but it was clear she wanted me to do it.  Her pussy was wet with my spit and Robert’s cock was drenched in her saliva.  I gripped the hilt of his cock and pointed him up to her pussy, watching close as the sinful flesh approached.

I felt my stomach flutter and my eyes widened as he tight O approached him.  I kept him steady and then listened to her exhale as her lips stretched over the head of his delicious cock.

Her flesh wrapped over him and started to eat him up, sliding down his pole until she was touching my fingers.  I loosed my grip and she swallowed the remaining inches, sitting right down on the hilt and giving me the naughtiest view in the room.

In front of me I watched her petals part, filled with the thick flesh of Robert’s girth.  Her flesh sucked tight to his shaft and gradually she pulled up off him.  I watched his juicy cock squirm in her grasp, coated immediately in a thin, white film of her cream.

“That’s it, Robert,” she said, looking back at him.

He kissed at her face and grinded his hips, thrusting up into her as  she dropped back down on him.

“Don’t you stop now,” she said, pointing a finger at me.  How could I refuse?

I moved my face forwards and teased my tongue out, searching to connect with whatever I could.  Robert slowed himself down and Candice moved more sensually too, rocking and grinding in slow rotations so that I could still do my job effectively.

I licked up off Robert’s shaft and met her clit immediately, circling my tongue around it while my husband satisfied the craving deep within her.


About the Author

Connie Cuckquean writes that sinful erotica that you crave, about housewives letting their husbands have everything they desire while they watch!

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