Another Woman in My Bed : Cuckqueans 2

by Connie Cuckquean

My husband Jason is on the prowl again tonight, looking for the perfect cake to bring back and fuck in front of me.  I lay in wait at home and I’m excited when I hear him return with a younger woman in tow.  She’s hot, feisty and—most importantly—naked, lying right beside me while Jason tells me just what he’s about to do.  I’ve got the best view in town and I can’t wait to clean up after them!


“I’m gonna come,” she gasped, opening her eyes and staring down at the union of my husband’s mouth and her pussy.

She squeezed at his head and threw herself around, dining out in the monumental release that Jason had delivered with his tongue.

He kissed off her and pulled back and the two of us watched her pussy pulse and spasm deliciously, seeing a pearl of juicy cum announce itself at the entrance to her sticky sex as her fingertips wound around her clit.

Chelsea kept herself tense for the moment and those perfect abs of hers flexed up on her stomach.  She let out again and gave a shriek of pleasure, sliding her hands down her figure and feeling just as sexy as she looked.

“He’s good,” she said softly, moving her hands down her body and teasing a finger at her freshly wet pussy.  “I think someone needs to clean me up down there.”

My pupils flashed wide at the notion, then Jason looked at me expectantly.  “Honey?” he said.


“Clean me up,” Chelsea demanded and I started to move towards her instinctively.

“Get it nice and clean for my cock,” Jason said, holding back my hair as I moved my face towards her.

He dropped his face to hers and started to kiss her passionately and I looked up her body at the pair of them.  My tongue flashed over her pussy, tasting her flesh and going back for seconds immediately.

I raced my lips over her like it was my job, lapping up her cum and getting her all ready for my husband’s huge cock.

They broke from the kiss and Jason moved me aside, straddling his cake and giving his cock a tug as he squared it up to her tight slit.

“Stick it in me,” she snarled.  She nodded at me.  “Make her do it.”

“Guide my cock inside her,” Jason said, kneeling in wait for me.

I moved behind him and grabbed his cock, placing the head towards her.  Jason leaned forward and I watched their flesh touch, seeing her tense immediately as he began to slowly push himself inside her.

I held him in place and watched her pussy spread over the bulbous crown, then I marveled as Jason disappeared inside her.  Each inch seemed to make his jaw drop open more and more and when he was planted firmly inside her they both let out a satisfied groan.

“Now fuck me,” she purred, and Jason started to do just that.


About the Author

Connie Cuckquean writes that sinful erotica that you crave, about housewives letting their husbands have everything they desire while they watch!

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