Anal Swap Incest 4-Pack : Books 5 – 8

by Kimmy Welsh

Read as fathers inhabit the sexy bodies of their daughters, fulfilling their own desires to be penetrated in the naughtiest place of all.  Features books 5 to 8 of the ‘Anal Swap Incest’ series.

Stories Include : ‘Swallowed Whole,’ ‘The Love Tent,’ ‘The V.R Switch-Up,’ ‘Squashed In.’


“Was it weird being in the guy’s room?” Sebastian asked.

“Kind of,” Jeff lied.

“It’s like a different world, I imagine?”

“You could say that.  I bet the women’s would be the same for you.”

“I’ve never seen it,” said Sebastian.  He nodded towards it.  “I’m convinced it’s just a door with nothing behind it.”

“Shall we find out?” Jeff said, giving him one of Megan’s sultry gazes.

“Sounds fun!” Sebastian said.

Sebastian might have missed the signals.  He seemed eager to explore the room and nothing else.

“Shall we go now?” Jeff asked, narrowing his gaze in Sebastian’s direction.

The younger guy looked around.  The bar-flies watched the television along with the bar-tender.  One man in the corner’s head hung down as though he was asleep.  Two of the patrons played pool and a third—their friend perhaps—was looking down at the jukebox.


“Now’s good,” Sebastian said.

The pair practically raced from their seats, trying to move as swiftly and as innocently as possible.  Not one head turned when the pair of them burst into the women’s toilets.  As the door closed they started to laugh together.

“Here we are,” Jeff said, presenting the room as though he’d been in there a thousand times.  “What do you think?”

“It’s clean,” Sebastian said.  “And it doesn’t stink of piss.”

“Us ladies are hygienic,” Jeff said.

“Oh, so you’re a lady now?” asked Sebastian, waltzing up to Jeff and holding his hips.

Jeff felt excited.  He could feel the heat arrive at his pussy, reminding him that it had been there the entire time.

“You gonna treat me like a lady?” Jeff asked, looking up at Sebastian’s lips that suddenly looked inviting.

“Not if you don’t want to be.”

“I don’t want to be,” Jeff said.

Sebastian threw his lips onto Jeff.  Jeff had never kissed a man before but the sensation wasn’t all that different.

Their tongues wound around each other and Jeff felt Sebastian’s stubble against his cheek as they kissed.

As the embrace continued the pair explored each other.  Jeff went straight to Seb’s ass, squeezing it before moving up towards his pecs.

They felt so hard beneath his touch.  Jeff could feel his pussy start to turn damp just as Sebastian’s hand arrived between his legs.

He groaned as his one-time lover pushed his fingers against the crotch of Jeff’s jeans, teasing at his clit beneath.  It was his first reminder that he even had one.

Jeff felt the electricity flutter up his body, starting a chain-reaction that saw his heart race and his breathing increase.

He put both his hands behind him on the basin, letting Sebastian come onto his body.  Sebastian put himself between Jeff’s open legs.  He put his jeans to Jeff’s and Jeff felt the stiffness inside pressing against him.

“Is that for me?” he asked.

“All for you,” Sebastian said.  “Every last inch.”

Jeff’s pupils flared wide with lust.  He looked at Sebastian and wondered if he could ask him to do the things that he’d always fantasized about.

Before he could make the request Sebastian had started to kiss him again, but this time his lips quickly moved down off of Jeff’s mouth.  He kissed down under his chin and to his neck and soon he was lifting Jeff’s tank-top and hoping for more.

Jeff raced the garment off and Sebastian opened the back of Jeff’s bra expertly.  He felt his weighty tits drop but they were quickly caught by Sebastian.  He pushed the breast together and Jeff took off the bra hastily.

He looked down and watched Seb play with his daughter’s tits.  It was a sight to behold.  They looked amazing and it felt amazing, but Jeff couldn’t quite shake how surreal it all was.  It was as though he had inhabited his daughter in one of her most sinful moments, but the moment was all of Jeff’s making.


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