Anal Swap Incest 4-Pack : Books 1 – 4

by Kimmy Welsh

Read as fathers inhabit the sexy bodies of their daughters, fulfilling their own desires to be penetrated in the naughtiest place of all.  Features books 1 to 4 of the ‘Anal Swap Incest’ series.

Stories Include : ‘Daddy Becomes Maddie,’ ‘The Night Of Daddy’s Life,’ ‘In His Daughter’s World,’ ‘Tight Of Passage.’


“You gonna go home to that sexy Daddy of yours all empty handed?” Chelsea said.

The stream of pee continued and Dan looked up, perplexed.  “What do you mean?”

Dan,” she said.  “You told me if he wasn’t your Daddy you’d fuck him.”  She shrugged.  “Why don’t you just try it?”

Dan was still peeing and Chelsea was becoming alarmed.

“Did you drink the whole bar?” she laughed.

Dan started to laugh too but couldn’t help but think about her previous comment.

“Would you fuck—uhh—my Daddy?” he asked.  The words felt weird in his mouth.

“Jeez, how many times do I have to tell you?  Yes!  Shit, I’d let him put it in my ass.”


Dan felt himself become excited as the flow cut-off from between his legs.  He grabbed some toilet paper and wiped how he thought he was supposed to.  The toilet paper tickled him in a way he hadn’t imagined.  Ordinarily he’d be stiff right now, thinking about stuffing his big cock in Chelsea’s ass—an ass that was right in front of him.  He reached out and gave it a squeeze.  Chelsea jumped and giggled.

“You don’t want to do that again, do you?” she asked.  Dan could only guess what she meant.  “Go try it with Dan.  I love you, Maddie, but I want a guy tonight.”

Things became a little clearer to Dan.  He took his dainty little panties from around his ankles and dragged them up his legs.  If Maddie liked him then perhaps she wouldn’t mind him taking charge of her body and giving her what she so desperately wanted.

“What do you wanna do?” Chelsea asked.

Dan stood close to her.  Chelsea looked down her nose and giggled, reaching forwards and kissing Dan’s soft lips.

“You taste sweet,” Chelsea laughed.

“I—I’m gonna head back,” Dan said.

Chelsea pouted.  “But we’re having fun, Maddie!”

“I—I think I’m gonna go and try it.”

“With your Daddy?!”  Chelsea clapped and bounced on the spot.  Her tits bounced too, right out of her dress.

Dan caught a glimpse of her soft, pink nipples.  This wasn’t doing his pseudo-erection any good at all.  He could feel his clit throb stiff against his panties.

“Ooops,” Chelsea laughed, and then she pulled her top back over her nipple.  She leaned forward and gave Dan another sensual kiss.

“I’m gonna stay,” she said.  “You go get him!  I wanna know all about it, Maddie.”

Dan unlocked the stall and moved past her.  He’d never had an experience so strange in all his life.  The other women in there fixed their make-up without even realizing that their private room had been infiltrated by a man in disguise.

Just then he felt a smack on his ass and then a firm squeeze.  He turned back to see a clearly horny Chelsea.  “Put him in your ass for me,” she said.

Dan walked from the club, ignoring the last gasp attempts from the men he’d been dancing near.  He stepped straight into a taxi and asked the driver to take him home.

The whole way back Dan was hornier than hell.  Back at the house he paid the driver with a card and stepped from the car.  He looked up the driveway and noted that the downstairs light was still on.  He was still up.  Wait … who was still up?  Was Dan inside or out?  Was he in Maddie’s body or his own?  Or both?!

Dan stopped at the door, wondering who he was about to walk in on.


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