Anal Revenge : Anal Incest 17

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Anal Revenge : Anal Incest 17
Part of the Anal Incest series:

Revenge is a dish best served hot and raw, and that’s exactly how I take it in my tightness after catching my boyfriend flirting with the local barmaid.  I march straight home and throw myself on my daddy, begging him to treat me naughty.  What follows is more than I bargain for, as daddy puts his thickness right in my ass!


I spun on the spot and giggled as I presented myself.  Daddy stood there with his cock hanging over his pants.  He started to unbutton his shirt quickly and then he pulled is back off himself.  His hairy, barrel chest was revealed.  Fuck, that was a man alright.  Royce was nothing in comparison.

“I want you in my ass,” I told him.

“Show me,” he said.

I turned away from him and then felt a pang of nerves.  I’d never really let anyone else see me naked before apart from Royce, and not under such scrutiny.  These were areas reserved only for my doctor, and yet here was daddy, about to give me a thorough check-up.

“Take off your panties,” he said.

I bit my lip and slid them down over my ass.

“That’s it,” daddy said, and I could hear that he was jerking himself faster now.  “That’s what I want.”

I let my panties fall to the floor and I stepped out of them.

“Show me that ass,” he said.


I guessed that it wasn’t enough for me to just stand there on display.  Daddy wanted more.  I bent at the waist and tentatively gripped my cheeks with my hands.

“That’s it,” he encouraged.

I split my ass and showed daddy my pink dot.

“Oh, yes, Carmen,” he said, and he walked forwards.

I could feel his wet cock as he jerked it against my ass.  I closed my eyes and swallowed.  I expected to feel it stretch me open, but instead I felt daddy’s big thumb, spreading saliva around my hole.

“That’s it,” he said, looking down on the sinful sight.

I moaned, surprising myself with how much I was enjoying his thumb toying with my knot.  It was way more sensitive that I thought it would be.  Daddy’s massaging started to make my pussy leak more.  It was begging for his attention, but it wasn’t going to get it.

“Look at that tight ass,” daddy said, and it felt as though I was treating him to something that he really longed for.

My nerves took a back seat briefly as I imagined telling Royce what I’d done.  I didn’t know if I’d tell him the who, but I’d definitely tell him the what.  I’d tell him that I took a big, stiff cock in my ass for the first time ever, and that it wasn’t his.  Fuck him.

I felt daddy apply a bit of pressure.  My knot opened and allowed his thumb inside.  The ensuing sensation was intriguing to say the least.  It felt strange, but in a good way.  It was most definitely not the intended use of that hole, but shit, it felt like a close second.

“Oh, daddy,” I whined, and I held my ass open for him again, adjusting my hands to spread myself wider.

He dropped his face to my open ass and put his tongue right against me.  I gasped with shock and delight.  I didn’t even know that people did that!  His tongue swashed back and forth over me, and I felt a whole new sensation now that was far superior to his thumb.  The wet muscle licked and flayed over me, coaxing my knot wider as he pushed it inside.

“Lick my ass, daddy,” I moaned.


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