Anal Incest 4- Pack : Books 21 – 24

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Anal Incest 4- Pack : Books 21 - 24
Part of the Anal Incest series:

Dirty daughters taking it deep in their butt for the first time in painful, rough anal sessions at the mercy of their own daddies!  It’s some of the naughtiest erotica on the planet – come see if you can handle it!

Stories include Anal Incest Books 21 – 24: ‘A-F’d by Daddy On The Trail,’ ‘Hooked On Anal,’ ‘I Put Anal On My Wish-List And Daddy Found It,’ and ‘Steamy Sauna Anal With Daddy.’


“You know, it’s better to spoon,” he said.  “It reduces our combined surface area so less of us is exposed to the outside temperature.”

“Is that true?”

“One hundred percent.  It’s science.”

“Science, huh?”

“Like to experiment?” daddy asked.

I looked across at him and bit my lip.  I wasn’t sure how sexual his proposition was or whether it was a genuine attempt to make me warmer.

“Sure,” I answered, and I turned away from him and wriggled back against his body.

Daddy closed in around me.  I could feel the hair of his chest against my back and then his skin.  I could feel his heartbeat.  His thighs moved beneath mine and his midriff slotted against my back.  He wrapped his arm around me, and I pulled it tight.

“Better?” he asked.


“Better,” I concluded immediately, and I closed my eyes to his embrace.  To feel him so close against me was a joy I hadn’t known in so long.  That skin-to-skin contact was something different.

I wriggled into him slowly, winding my hips without realizing what I was doing.  Soon I felt daddy begin to grow against me, and I didn’t know whether to vocalize what had happened or not.

“Sorry,” he said eventually.

“Don’t be,” I said quickly.  “It’s kind of flattering.”

“It’s just the proximity and everything.”

“We can stop?” I asked, looking back.

“Only if you want to.”

“No,” I said quietly, and I bit my lip and wriggled my ass against him again.

“You know what else is warm?” daddy said behind me.

“What?” I asked, excited for the answer.

“Body temperature.  Inside the body, I mean.”

“Is that right?”

“If you want to warm your hands you can put them under your armpits or between your legs to draw more warmth.”

“Between my legs?”

“Anywhere it’s warm.”

“It’s warmer inside though, right?”

“Oh yeah, of course, but there’s only so many things you can fit inside.”

“Is that right?”

I could feel daddy’s heartbeat increase against my back.

“Would you like to try another experiment?” I asked.

“What kind?”

“A warmth experiment.”


“Yeah.  What’s warmer: a pussy, or an asshole?”

I heard daddy gulp behind me.  “How do we gauge it?”

“I trust you,” I told him.  “I don’t think you’ll lie.”

“You want me to …”

“Put your cock in my pussy,” I said quietly.  I tried to say it all nonchalant like it was no big deal, but truthfully my heart was pounding too.  It was insane, but something about the thrill of the day was making me want to try something new, and this would be new alright.

“Take your panties down then,” daddy said, as thought that act would be his permission.

I wanted him bad.  I pushed downy my panties and wriggled them to my knees, then I pushed my bare ass back against him.


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