Anal Incest 24-Pack : Books 1 – 24

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Anal Incest 24-Pack : Books 1 - 24
Part of the Anal Incest series:

Dirty daughters taking it deep in their ass for the first time in painful, rough anal sessions at the mercy of their own daddies!  It’s some of the naughtiest erotica on the planet – come see if you can handle it!

Stories include Anal Incest Books 1 – 24: ‘Ass F’ed By My Dad In Mom’s Bed,’ ‘The Power of Ass-F’ing,’ ‘Blown My Backdoor In,’ ‘Daddy Popped My Anal Cherry,’ ‘Daddy In The Mirror,’ ‘Well Hung, Drawn & Daughtered,’ ‘Getting Dirty With Daddy,’ ‘My First Time Below Deck,’ ‘Grinding My Ass On My Daddy’s C,’ ‘Steamy Anal Sex With My Mystery Daddy,’ ‘Daddy Plastered My A,’ ‘Put In A Room With Daddy And A F’d,’ ‘One Wish For Anal,’ ‘Heat Crave,’ ’19/42 Split,’ ‘Daddy In My Ass Under The Bleachers,’ ‘Anal Revenge,’ ‘I Pretend I’m Mom And Give Up My A,’ ‘Allergic To Pussy,’ ‘My First Anal Scene Was With My Own Daddy,’ ‘A-F’d by Daddy On The Trail,’ ‘Hooked On Anal,’ ‘I Put Anal On My Wish-List And Daddy Found It,’ and ‘Steamy Sauna Anal With Daddy.’


“Show me, daddy.  Please.  It’ll make me feel better.”

I think he wanted to; he just knew that it wouldn’t be proper for him to do it right away.  He had to put up just the right level of resistance.  I finally felt like things were getting even.

“Take it out and I’ll put it in my mouth.  I promise.”

“I’m here to plaster, Kathleen.”

“You can plaster.  You can plaster my ass with your hot cum.”

Daddy stared and swallowed.  I thought I might have gone too far.

“You want to see?” he asked plainly.

I nodded.  I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my chest.

He took down the front of his boxer-shorts and I saw his mature cock hanging out now.  It was thick and hard, and it was all for me.  I marveled at it, biting my lip as I inspected it.

“There it is,” he said, holding it out in his palm now.  He stroked slowly along it.  “Now put it in your mouth.”


Fuck, that’s what I wanted to hear.  My expression opened up to him and I tried not to smile.

“I meant it when you said you could plaster my ass?” I said.

“Oh, I know, honey.”

I got to my knees in front of him and daddy walked forwards, putting his cock into my mouth to the sound of the eighties music that still played on the radio.

I opened my mouth over the crown and felt him slide inside.  He was so thick that he practically touched every side of my mouth.

The arousal sank into me, and I started to become turned on by how stiff he was.  I could feel the beat of his heart in his cock as the lusty blood pumped into him.

“That’s it,” he said, holding my head.  “Good girl.”

I’d never been a good girl in my life, and if this is how a person became one then it’s no wonder.  There can’t be many people willing to suck their own daddy’s cock to be considered good.

He held me against him and worked his hips slow, passing himself through my mouth.  I knelt on the floor, naked and vulnerable.  Daddy’s hands touched over me where they could, but it was left to me to please myself.

Daddy’s stiffness in my mouth was turning me on plenty, but I didn’t start to really enjoy myself until I put my fingers to my pussy and started to play.

I’m not sure daddy noticed at first.  He was too busy moaning to the blowjob that I was giving him.  It wasn’t until I started moaning back that he realized something was up.

He looked down over his jeans and saw my hand busily working my pussy.

“Get yourself nice and wet for me,” he said.

I pulled his cock from his mouth and smirked upwards.  “I thought you wanted my ass?”

“I do.”

I tongued his cock and toyed with my pussy, making the both of us wetter than I could ever imagine.  My spit covered daddy’s cock so heavily that it shone in the light.

“Get it nice and wet for me,” he said.  “Cover my cock in your spit, Kathleen.  You’re gonna need it if I’m going to slide it in that tight asshole.”


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