All in the Family 80-Pack

by Jade Summers

Book Cover: All in the Family 80-Pack

80 stories - almost 220,000 words - of dirty, naughty, nasty relations between daddies, daughters, mothers, sons, brothers, sisters, and other family members!

The themes in this collection include mind control, drunk and drugged sex, hypnosis, lactation, gang rape, gang bangs, orgies, menage, lactation, pregnancy, breeding, birthing, sex slavery, punishment, humiliation, and free use situations.

This bundle includes everything from All in the Family Erotica 10-Pack Vols 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 as well as the 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, & 70-Packs. These stories do appear in other specialty collections though, so check the description for titles.

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The 80 stories in this bundle include:

Fucking My Sister’s Virgin Mouth and Pussy
Fucking My Sister on Her Wedding Night
Fucking My Sister’s Pregnant Pussy
My Brother Gave Me a Gyno Exam
Passed Around by My Daddy
Family Reunion Gangbang
Cream Party With Daddy
Daddy’s Li’l Cum Dump
Unwrapping Myself for Daddy
Daddy’s Xmas Punishment
Drinking from My Virgin Daughter’s Tits
Drugging My Daughter for Cash
Filling My Daughter’s Mouth with My Cock
Nailing My Hitchhiking Daughter
Cum Dump for My Brothers
Family Sandwich
Daddy Gave Me to His Friends for Xmas
Daddy Daughter Orgy
Giving My Brother a Baby
Punished by Daddy
Licking Daddy’s Cum off My Sister
Milking My Daughter's Big Tits
Daddy Keeps Me Pure for Him
Ass Raped by My Dad and His Friends
Stretching My Virgin Daughter's Asshole
Daddy's Big Party Favors
Cum Play with Me Daddy
Jizzing on My Virgin Sister's Face
Forced to Breed
Used by My Brothers
Forced to Fuck My Family
Mother Son Orgy
Cucked and Humiliated by My Wife and Son
My Brother Gave Me Cummy Panties for Christmas
Daddy Likes to Lick My Feet
Fingering My Butthole for Daddy
All Holes Filled by My Family
My Brother Used My Pregnant Body
Daddy Keeps Me Pregnant
Forcing My Son to Drink My Milk
Deep Throat Blowjob Punishment
Sucking My Brother's Cum Out of My Twin Sister's Ass
Cumming in My Sister's Asshole 20 Times
My Daddy Got Me Pregnant and Ruined My Body
I Can't Stop Cumming on My Daughter's Feet
My Brother Got Me Pregnant and Ruined My Body
Ass to Mouth with My Virgin Daughter
Daddy's Big Hard Surprise
Using My Sister's Asshole While She Sleeps
I Woke Up With My Brother's Cock in My Mouth
Fucking My Sister’s Big Tits While She Plays on Her Phone
Cumming on My Sister’s Ass and Feet
Drugged Foot Fuck
Family Gangbang on Thanksgiving
Hypnotizing My Virgin Sister to Be My Slut
Family Cum Dump
Covering My Sleeping Sister's Ass with My Cum
Daddy Milked My Tits on Christmas
Fucking My Sister’s Feet While She Does Homework
Baby-Making Slave
Keeping My Daughters in a Sex Prison
Loving All My Daughters
Fucking My Daughter’s Big Tits During the Lockdown
My Daddy Got Me Pregnant and the Government Won’t Let Me Get an Abortion
My Daughters All Have Huge Tits and I’m Gonna Get Them Pregnant
I Ran Out of Cream for My Coffee So I’m Milking My Daughter’s Huge Tits
Punished by Daddy with a Giant Butt Plug
Super Sexy Daddy Daughter Orgy
Family Fuck Doll
Feeding My Family with My Huge Tits
My Daddy Made Me His Sex Slave
Hypno Halloween Family Orgy
Quarantined and Impregnated by my Family on Xmas
Drugged and Used by My Daddy on Christmas Morning
My Daddy Sold Me to Strangers, Got Me Pregnant, and Ruined My Body
Punished by My Cop Dad
My Redneck Brother Got Me Pregnant
My Family Decorated My Milky Tits on Christmas
Giving Myself to Daddy for Christmas
Making My Sister a Dirty Girl

From My Brother Gave Me a Gyno Exam:

I opened my eyes and looked down at the end of the exam table and watched as my brother grabbed onto my thighs and thrusted himself into me repeatedly. When I looked around I realized that all of the men had removed their pants and were holding their hard cocks in their hands. One of the nurses who had been playing with my jiggling boob turned my head to the side and circled my lips with the head of his cock. I could taste the salty liquid that beaded up at the tip as I snaked my tongue around the ridge of his head.

I heard him groan as he grabbed a handful of my hair and thrust his cock into my mouth. The warm, silky rod slid into my mouth and down my throat as I lay there with my eyes closed. I had never had a cock slide down my throat like that before, and I could tell that his was enormous. But I figured that whatever my brother had given had really helped relax the muscles of my throat too. While the nurse continued to thrust his cock down my throat I felt my brothers cock slam into me harder and harder at the foot of the exam table. Then with a loud groan I felt my brother come inside me.

Immediately after that another one of the doctors took his place, but instead of entering my pussy he bent my legs to the sides of my chest and I felt a cock head nudging at the entrance to my asshole. I moaned as I felt the thick head of the cock push it’s way past my sphincter and into my asshole. I felt my asshole stretched to the limit as the incredibly thick cock slammed all the way in to the hilt. It felt like someone had stuck a baseball bat inside me. Just as a muffled moan escaped from my mouth I felt a warm stream of cum shoot down my throat.

From Drinking from My Virgin Daughter’s Tits:

“That’s right, Taylor. You’re doing a really good job. I can see some milk coming out now. Can you give me more?”

Taylor’s face brightened up when she heard those words. “Really, Uncle Jeff? I’m really making milk?” she asked with a smile. She reached down and cupped both of her tits from underneath with her hands, then squeezed a little and streams of milk shot out of both nipples.

One of the streams hit my brother in the chest and he laughed, then gave me a wide-eyed stare like he couldn’t even believe it was working. Then he looked back at Taylor and continued to talk to her in a soothing voice. “You sure are, sweetie. Can you let me taste it?”

Taylor giggled. “Sure. You can taste it.”

My brother reached up and wrapped his hand around one of my daughter’s breasts, then brought his lips to the nipple and began to suck.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My daughter was letting her uncle suck milk out of one of her tits while her two cousins and I watched. I think the two boys were so stunned and turned on that all they could do was watch.

My brother was now gripping both of Taylor’s milky boobs with his hands and was going back and forth, sucking on one then the other. Then he pushed them together and sucked milk out of both nipples at the same time.

From Cum Dump for My Brothers:

I tried to move but I was completely overpowered by all three of them. Greg grabbed my breasts in both of his hands and played with them, bouncing them up and down and jiggling them. My dress and bra were on the floor now and Mark removed my panties with one firm rip.

“Damn, these are awesome,” Greg said as he gripped my breasts hard. He bent down and put one of the nipples in his mouth, biting and chewing on it while he continued to squeeze it hard. I felt incredible. I could feel the warm wetness collecting in between my legs as my brother ravaged my breasts.

Mark reached down and crammed his huge hand in between my legs, rubbing it back and forth on my shaved pussy. “Looks like this little virgin is ready to be fucked,” he said with a grin.

Mark unzipped his pants and his massive cock popped out. My eyes were glued to it, but when he grabbed a fist full of my hair and yanked up, I looked into his eyes. “You know what to do with that, don’t you?”

I nodded and felt my head being pushed down and before I knew it, my brother’s massive cock was right in front of my mouth.

“Open your mouth.” He gripped my hair harder and shoved the massive head of his cock into my mouth. It was so huge I could barely get it in. My mouth was stretched as wide as it would go. I squirmed my ass around while my mouth was filled by one brother and my boobs were being played with by another. My pussy was tingling and I wanted something inside it.

From Punished by Daddy:

My dad’s hand came down on my ass cheeks one more time, and my entire body lurched forward. I could feel my tits jiggle and my hard nipples brush against the fabric of his pants, and I could feel my panties sticking to the wetness that was developing between my legs. I was sure my dad noticed, because I could hear his breath hitching. But then I felt it. My daddy’s cock was growing hard underneath me.

He didn’t move for a long moment, and when he did, I felt my dad slowly pull my panties down so that my bare ass cheeks were exposed to him. I could feel the cool air rush in and tickle my stinging ass and my tingling pussy.

The next smack came down on my bare skin and I screamed. “Daddy! That hurts!” But the thing was, every spanking he gave me turned me on more and more. And he knew it.

He didn’t say a thing. He just brought his hand up under my ass cheeks, pushing them both up and letting them fall. Then he grabbed both stinging cheeks and spread them apart. I gasped when I felt my daddy’s fingers run up and down my slit, spreading my slick juices across my clit and lips and asshole.

“Are you a good girl, Eve,” he asked, his fingers circling the entrance to my pussy hole. “Tell Daddy if you’re a good girl or a bad girl.”

I couldn’t speak. I was in shock that my daddy was touching me this way. But it felt so good. I’d never had anyone touch me like this and I’d never been this turned on in my life.

Suddenly my daddy’s hand came down on my ass cheeks hard and I screamed.

“I asked you a question, Eve. Have you been a good girl?”

“Y-yes, Daddy,” I said with a quivering voice.

From Ass Raped by My Dad and His Friends:

“No, Daddy!” Stacy yelled. “I’ve never let any boys in there! I promise!”

“Well, let’s see what we can do about that,” I said, looking around the table at my poker buddies. “Are you all ready to teach my daughter lesson?” There were laughs and murmurs, but all I needed to do was look at their faces to know that they were ready to sink their cocks and my daughter’s asshole as soon as I gave them the word.

“Get up and sit down on Daddy’s lap.”

I watched as my daughter struggled to stand, her legs still wrapped up in those ridiculous pants that were now pulled down around her thighs. She turned to face my poker buddies, then sat her bare ass down on my lap. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back so that my hard cock slipped right in between her ass cheeks. I still had my pants on, but not for much longer.

“You feel that, honey?” I asked as I pressed myself into her. “That’s what happens when you tease a man. When you wear those skimpy, slutty clothes and act like a little brat. And what are we supposed to do now? Now that you’ve gotten us all worked up. It’s all your fault, you know.”

From Forced to Breed:

He had us waiting there for over an hour—lying facedown on the end of the bed with our arms handcuffed behind our backs. Our daddy literally had us handcuffed. All three of us had our asses bent over the bed so that our pussy’s were exposed and we were lined up like bull’s-eyes in a shooting range.

“What do you think he’s going to do to us?” Barbara whispered.

“No talking.” My daddy’s deep voice startled the three of us. We had no idea he was even in the room. But apparently he was sitting in a chair behind us, staring at our naked and exposed asses. After a long silence, he continued. “I’ve had it with the three of you. I’m supposed to keep you safe and pure, but how can I do that when you’re constantly going behind my back. Throwing wild parties, sneaking out at night, and God knows what else. From now on the three of you will stay in this house. You will go nowhere.”

“But Daddy!” Nancy yelled.

“I’m not finished!” he barked. “You’ll stay in this house and you’ll do what I say. And in order to ensure that you won’t be touched by any other boys, I’m going to do something drastic. But I know God will forgive me, because I have no choice in the matter. I’m going to have to put a baby in each of you.”

From Jizzing on My Virgin Sister’s Face:

So there I was, standing there in the dark over my sisters big boob. It was just there, fully lit up by the moonlight that was coming in through the window. So I did what any horny eighteen-year-old would do, I grabbed my cock and started stroking it.

I didn’t touch her. I didn’t have the guts. I knew if she woke up she’d freak. She was still a virgin and she made sure everyone knew it. She’d had a reputation for giving guys blue balls for years, and I was going to be the very first one to give it to her. All over her virgin face.

When I came that night my sister actually woke up and I had to duck out of her room really fast so she didn't see me. That's when I got the idea of slipping her a little pill. It's no big deal. As harmless as a sleeping pill. But it helps keep her knocked out so I can have a little bit of fun.

After she gets the pill she’s so knocked out that she doesn't even feel it when I grab her. I can get on the bed and play with her tits. I can roll her over and grab her ass. I can spread her cheeks apart and get a good look at her asshole.

From Fingering My Butthole for Daddy:

“What are you doing, Daddy?” I asked. I was bent forward a little and I turned my head back to look at him. He was staring right at my ass and he looked like he was going to take exactly what he wanted from me.

“I’m not doing anything, Justine. But I would like you to do something for me.”


“I want you to finger your butthole for me.”

“You want me to do what?” I said, throwing my hands up to my face and giggling nervously.

“I want to watch you put your fingers in your asshole, Justine. Will you do that for Daddy?”

“But I’m scared. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“It’s okay, sweetie. I won’t tell anyone.”

“But I’m embarrassed too.”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You can do anything around me, remember? Even putting your fingers in your butthole.”

I didn’t know what to do. I was kind of scared, but I also really wanted to be a good girl and do what my daddy asked. So I did it. I reached one of my hands around and pushed it down my crack until I found my asshole with the tip of my finger.

“That’s a good girl,” my daddy said with a deep, soft voice. “Keep going, Justine. “

I heard the sound of my daddy’s zipper going down and I knew that he was touching himself. I’d seen my ex-boyfriend’s cock before, I’d even touched it with my hand, but I never let him put it inside me. Not even in my mouth. But I’d never seen my daddy’s cock before and I couldn’t stop myself from turning around and looking. When I saw the enormous slab of meat jutting up in the air out of his pants I gasped.

From Forced to Fuck My Family:

I flinch when I feel my sister’s hand on my cock. I’m struggling against the cuffs, but it’s no use. They’re attached to the bed frame with chains and there’s no way in hell I can rip them loose. I’m trapped in this room full of naked people, and on this bed with my sister, who’s playing with my cock.

It’s not fair, because I can’t control my body. I can’t stop myself from getting hard.

My sister is working her hand up and down my shaft, and occasionally she brushes the extra sensitive skin on the head. It’s a feeling I’d never felt before, not by someone else’s hand anyway, and it just about drives me out of my mind.

I can’t move my head very far down, but I can see my sister sitting there between my legs, and I can see the pink head of my cock, and I watch as she starts to lower her face.

I close my eyes and hold my breath as I feel my sister’s tongue on the tip of my cock. I can’t believe this is happening. And I can’t believe how good it feels. A muffled groan escapes from my mouth as my sister sucks the entire head in.

I can’t breathe. And it’s not because of the ball gag in my mouth. It’s because I’ve never felt anything so incredible in my life. But even so, I don’t want this to be happening. I don’t want my sister to play with my cock or take my virginity. And I especially don’t want a crowd of depraved naked people standing around watching this happen.

From All Holes Filled by My Family:

As I finished the last bite of food on my plate I felt my eyes starting to close involuntarily. I knew I was exhausted after two days on that bus, but I’d never felt anything like this before. I couldn’t even stand up from the table. I just slumped over and rested my head next to my plate.

I didn’t wake up again until later. When I open my eyes I realized I was down in my room in the basement. There were no windows and the room was almost pitch black except for a dim light coming in through an open doorway. I tried to roll over, but I realized my arms and legs were cuffed to the four corners of the bed. At first, I thought I was dreaming, but the longer I looked around the room and tried to focus my eyes, the more I woke up. Eventually I was awake enough to be sure I wasn’t dreaming, and that’s when it hit me. I was not only spread eagle on the bed, I completely naked too.

“Daddy?” I called out into the darkness. My throat was dry and barely a sound came out, but my dad must have been standing just outside the open doorway because suddenly he was standing right there. All I could see was the dark outline of his body, but I knew it was him.

“How are you feeling, sweetie?” he asked. His words warm and kind, like you would expect from your dad, but his tone wasn’t friendly at all. It was cold and dark and sent shivers down my spine.

“I’m okay,” I mumbled, my tongue thick in my mouth. “Can you untie me?”

“No, I can’t,” he said as he crossed the room to where I was laying on the bed.

“Why not?”

“I need you to understand something, Stacy. I’m not a rich man. I work all day just so I can put your brothers through college and put food on the table. This was all very unexpected, you showing up here and asking me to take care of you. I can’t afford to pay for food, and clothing, and God knows what else, for another child. Not unless I get something in return.”

From Deep Throat BJ Punishment:

“What are you doing?” I screamed. “You’re totally invading my privacy! This isn’t fair at all!”

“I’ll show you fair,” my dad said, his voice dropping low and his eyes going dead. “I’ve given you everything you asked for your entire life, and this is the thanks I get? If you really want what’s fair, if you really want to be treated like a woman, then that’s exactly what I’m going to give you.”

My dad grabbed a fistful of my hair, then pulled me down the hall and into the kitchen. “Get up on the counter,” he ordered.

I was shaking and crying, and I didn’t know what else to do, so I hopped up on top of the island in the center of the kitchen. It was a long and narrow counter made of cold granite, and was open on all four sides.

“Lay on your back across the counter.”

I did as my daddy told me, laying my head close to one edge, with my legs hanging off the other side. Immediately my daddy walked around to one side and pulled my body toward him so my head was hanging off the end of the counter. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

“What are you doing?!” I yelled again, wriggling my body to get away from him.

“Don’t move a muscle, little girl. You stay still and do as I say or you’re going to regret it. I have no problem keeping that ass of yours red twenty-four hours a day.”

“You’re going to spank me?” I said in total shock. “I’m not a little girl anymore!”

“It’s up to you, Emma. You can stay still and take this punishment, or you can act like the spoiled brat your apparently are and get my belt across your bare ass.”

From Ass to Mouth with My Virgin Daughter:

“That’s great, sweetie. Now take off the rest of your clothes.”

I watch Gwen stand up and remove her shorts. The next thing that come off are her panties, and then her bra. When I watch the thin fabric slip out from underneath her breasts my cock just about pops out of my pants.

She has the most perfect, perky tits I’ve ever seen in my life. They’re bigger than I had imagined they would be—more than a handful each. But they sit high on her chest in the most spectacular way. And as I stare at them I can’t believe I’m going to be the first man to get my hands on them.

“Come over here and sit next to Daddy,” I say, patting the couch right in front of me. My little girl does what I tell her to do. She sits down on the couch so close that her naked thigh is pressed against my leg. I unzip my pants and let my cock out, then stroke it with one hand while I fondle my daughter’s tits with the other.

Gwen watches everything I do like she’s incredibly interested and amazed at what is going on. She especially seems intrigued by my cock.

“Can I do that?” she asks, staring at my hand as it moves up and down my shaft.

From Fucking My Sister’s Big Tits While She Plays on Her Phone:

“Janine, take off your shirt.”

Without even looking at me my sister set her phone down on the couch, grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt, then yanked it up and over her head. When she picked her phone back up and continued talking she was just sitting there in a bra and a pair of pajama pants. It was awesome.

My sister sat there, her thumb whizzing across her phone screen at the speed of light with those big luscious tits of hers strapped in with just a thin piece of black fabric. The bra looked like it might be a little small on her because the tops of her tits were bulging up and over the fabric, and every time she shifted the tops of her boobs jiggled a little, making me incredibly hard.

At first I thought maybe all I would do was jerk off while I watched her, just to be on the safe side. But the longer I sat there staring at the tops of my sisters tits the more I wanted to see and feel the rest.

“Janine, take your bra off too.”

From Drugged Foot Fuck:

But I don’t want to scare her. I made that mistake once with her mother, and she’s never let me forget it. So I’ve started slipping a couple pills into my daughters food in the evening. Nothing too strong, just a light sedative that helps her fall asleep, and make sure she stays that way.

The first time I went into her room at night I just sat on the bed next to her while she slept. I pulled the covers back, of course, and eased up Brenda’s shirt so that her bare breasts were lit up by the moonlight that streamed in through the window. I even touched her nipples and gave each of her tits a good squeeze.

But I got spooked when Brenda mumbled something and rolled on her side. The last thing I needed was for her to be startled awake and catch me there. Not before she was ready to accept her new life. So I left her room, making plans to give her a higher dose of her medication the next night.

Another night went by when I didn’t really do too much. I was taking things slow, as much for myself as I was for Brenda. Like I told you, I’m not a bad man. I’m not gonna stick my cock in my daughter’s pussy, not right away, anyway. I’m gonna take my time and wait until we’re both ready for that step.

It was nice, exploring my daughter’s body with all the freedom and time that the sedatives gave me. I removed Brenda’s clothing, her see-through tank top and flimsy g-string panties, then spread her legs wide so I could examine every inch of her.

From Hypnotizing My Virgin Sister to Be My Slut:

That night the house was empty. My dad was out of town on a business trip, and my mom was at some ladies’ meeting. So I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try out some suggestions. I didn’t want to be too obvious at first, just in case the hypnosis track didn’t do what it was supposed to do. The last thing I needed was for Bree to freak the fuck out and ruin everything.

But, the thing was, I didn’t need to say a goddamn thing to her. While I was sitting there on the couch in the family room Bree got in front of me, standing right in between me and the TV.

“I’m bored,” she whined. “And I feel funny,” she said, biting her lip.

“Funny how?” I asked, setting my glass on the table and leaning back to give my cock some room. That little lip bite immediately made me horny as hell, and made my jeans about a size too tight.

“I don’t know,” Bree said, twirling a chunk of hair around her finger. “Kinda tingly.” Her thighs were pressed together like she had to go to the bathroom and I had to stop myself from laughing. It seemed like the hypnosis track had actually worked.

“Where do you feel tingly?” I asked, spreading my legs apart to give my cock a little more room.

“Right here.” Bree pushed her hand in between her thighs and clamped it against her pussy mound. Then she did something I was not expecting at all. She pulled up her skirt, exposing her little white panties, then hooked her thumbs in both sides and pulled them down. Then she kicked her panties to the floor and stood there with her finger in her mouth. “Do you want to see where?”

“Sure,” I said, my voice shaking a little. I wanted to unzip my pants so badly, but I still wanted to wait to see what Bree was going to do. She took a step toward me so she was standing so close I could touch her, then she turned around and bent forward, completely exposing her pussy and asshole to me.

From Covering My Sleeping Sister's Ass with My Cum:

Mark brought the pills and we crushed them up, then, when Darcy wasn’t looking, we slipped them into her evening smoothie. I hadn’t even planned it out, everything just came together right at the last second. She even came out into the TV room and sat on the couch with us for a while before staggering into her room and passing out.

I waited about fifteen minutes, then snuck in there and tried to wake her up. I figured if she woke up I’d pretend I couldn’t find a movie that we wanted to watch. I shook her shoulders and said her name a couple times, then shook her even harder, and she never even flinched. Then I went upstairs and let the other guys in through the back door and snuck them down into the basement.

“Holy shit,” Jeff said. “I cannot fucking believe we’re doing this.”

“Me either,” I said, my voice shaking a little bit. “I just don’t want to get caught, so you guys gotta be really chill about this. If she starts to wake up, or if we hear anything, just stop what you’re doing and fucking hide.”

“Yeah, sure,” all the guys agreed.

We all silently crept into my sister’s bedroom and stood around her bed and I pulled the covers back, revealing her perfect ass covered in a pair of panties. Immediately my cock was rock hard, and when I looked around at the other guys I saw them all starting to unzip their pants.

I nudged my sister one more time to make sure she was still asleep, then I slowly peeled her panties off of her ass. I thought about taking them all the way off, but I figured it would be hard to get them back on, especially if she woke up in the middle of everything, so I left them bunched up around her thighs just under her ass cheeks.

From Keeping My Daughters in a Sex Prison:

So, with a long line of men with cash in hand waiting in the living room, I descended down into the basement with the winners as a few other guys I’d hired to help out.

I hadn’t expected to be so gratified just by the looks of terror on all of their faces when my wife and daughters realized what was about to happen to them, but it was awesome. Four princesses who had been torn from their thrones and were now ready to start their lives as sex slaves.

I had multiple cameras set up around the basement because I also planned on making money live streaming the entire thing, and, for this first event I had three men holding cameras on each of my three virgin daughters. I wanted to get tight, close up shots of their faces and their pussies as they were being stretched open and invaded. And I wanted it done right because I knew I’d be watching these videos many, many times.

I let the first two winners put my other daughters in whatever position they wanted, but my youngest I wanted facing me when my cock went in. I wanted to watch her face as her daddy entered her and took her innocence away.

My Daughters All Have Huge Tits and I’m Gonna Get Them Pregnant;

My next plan was a tricky one, but I figured since everything else had gone off so well, getting them to bare their breasts for me would be no problem. The next morning, after I made the suggestion that all three of them wanted to walk around the house naked, and as often as possible, I was pleased to see all three of them emerge from their bedrooms with absolutely no clothes on.

They cooked and ate breakfast completely naked while I sat at the kitchen table and watched. I kept waiting for something to happen, some comments or telltale sign that told me they were on to me, that they knew what we were doing was wrong, but they never did. They just laughed and giggled like they always had before, only now they were laughing with me instead of at me.

As we ate our breakfast and drink coffee I couldn’t keep my eyes off of their jiggling, swaying breasts. And none of them seemed to mind one bit. In fact, when my youngest daughter noticed that my cock was poking straight up, tenting my pajama bottoms as it stood at attention, she giggled, then reached out to touch it.

From Punished by Daddy with a Giant Butt Plug:

I turned on the light and went down the wooden stairs. When I was standing on the linoleum floor in front of the gynecological exam table I heard my daddy’s voice right behind me.

“Take off your clothes and get on the table.”

I closed my eyes and paused for a moment before I removed anything. But I knew from experience that if I didn’t do what my daddy said quickly his belt would be off in an instant. And he was much faster and stronger than I was. He could pin me down and remove my clothes within seconds.

I could feel his eyes on me as I removed my shirt and my bra, and I was sure I heard his breath quicken as I bent down to remove my skirt and my panties.

“Get up on the table.”

I did as he said. I crawled up on to the exam table, then laid back and put my feet in the cold, metal stirrups. I’d done this so many times I knew exactly what he expected of me. My Daddy had been examining me to make sure I was still intact almost every day since I started high school.

“I know you weren’t studying with Brenda and Lucy,” he said as he rolled his stool across the floor and sat down in between my spread legs. “Do you know how I knew that?”

I didn’t say anything. It seemed like no matter what I said or did he wouldn’t believe me anyway. The only thing he ever believed was seeing for himself with his own eyes that I was still a virgin.

From Feeding My Family with My Huge Tits:

The next thing I slipped on was a see-through camisole. It had large cups made of a silky material that hugged each of my breasts, and as I put it over my head I was sure it would be too big for me, but when I looked down I realized that it fit perfectly. It almost seemed like in the last hour my breasts had grown, and not just a little bit. They suddenly looked huge and felt very heavy and firm.

While I was examining the sudden growth in my breasts I noticed that there were hooks at the top of each cup in the camisole near the straps.

“What are these?” I asked, looking up at my daddy.

“Here, sweetie, let me show you.”

He led me over to the island in the center of our kitchen, then he put his hands around my waist and picked me up and sat me down on one of the barstools—the kind with arms on both sides of the seat. Then my daddy unfastened the two hooks and peeled the fabric down until both of my breasts were exposed.

“I’ve got a surprise for you, Jenny.” My daddy was looking down at my breasts, then his eyes moved up and met mine. “A really big surprise,” he said with a smile.

“What is it?”

“Here, let me show you.”

From Drugged and Used by My Daddy on Christmas Morning:

My daddy stood there for a long moment, just staring at me. “Take off your nightie.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I wanted to protest, to jump up and run into my room, or out the front door, but I couldn’t. My legs wouldn’t move, and my mouth wouldn’t form the words I wanted to say. All I could do was follow my daddy’s instructions and remove my clothes.

I sat there with my knees pressed together as my hands pulled up at the lower hem of my short nightgown. I’d worn them for years because my daddy always bought me the same thing for Christmas—a short, baby doll nightie. I thought they were cute. I never in a million years imagined there was anything sexual about it. But now I knew. My daddy wanted to fuck me.

From My Daddy Made Me His Sex Slave:

“What?!” I yelled. “Daddy, you can’t do this! I’m not staying down here!”

He didn’t say a word. He just walked across the room and opened a drawer. While he had his back turned I ran up the stairs, but before I got halfway up he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me back down.

“I figured you’d try something like that,” he said as he wrestled me down to a double bed that was pushed up against the center of one wall. I was on my stomach and I was flailing my arms around and kicking my legs, trying to get away, but it was no use. My daddy was so much stronger than me. Before I knew it all of my clothes were off and my arms and legs were tied back behind me. Then he put a ball gag in my mouth and secured it behind my head.

“You’re never getting out of here, Kara. I’ve got a least ten ways to restrain you down here. Handcuffs, leather cuffs, chains, rope, metal hooks. The walls and ceiling are soundproofed, and the door is made of metal. There’s no way out. You can try if you want. In fact, I kind of enjoyed watching you try to escape. Just like in your bedroom and bathroom, I have surveillance cameras everywhere. So whatever you do down here, I’ll be watching. Just like I have been watching you your entire life. But now I don’t have to use an app on your phone to know where you are. Because you’re gonna be right here where I can always see you.”

From My Family Decorated My Milky Tits on Christmas:

“We came to get you,” my brother said. “Dad said we’re all going to open presents together. He said he has a special one, just for you.”

I put my hands up on my breasts in a feeble attempt to cover them up. “I need to get dressed. Get out of here.”

“No, you don’t,” Jason said as he stared into my eyes. “You don’t need to put any clothes on, Amy. Not until I tell you to.”

“What are you talking about?” I wanted to sound angry, but my voice was shaking, and it sounded really small.

“You haven’t figured it out?” Jason asked, then looked at my brother and laughed. “Maybe all her brains went into her tits.”

Brad laughed too, and that made me feel bad, but it also triggered something inside me.

“Wait, what did you do?” I asked, still trying to cover up my enormous breasts.

“What do you think? I used the hypnosis track on you.”

“You didn’t! Jason, you didn’t!” I looked at my brother. “Brad, you let him do that to me?! How could you?”

My brother just shrugged. “What can I say? I like big tits.”

“Big, milky tits,” Jason said with a huge grin.

From Making My Sister a Dirty Girl:

“Wow,” I said, pulling on my shirt to fan my chest. “It’s hot in here. Aren’t you hot, Nat?”

“Yeah, I am.”

“Why don’t you take your clothes off?”

“Okay!” Natalie stood to pull her shorts off, but didn’t quite make it up. I guess the drugs were kicking in, because her legs just sort of gave out and she fell backward onto the couch. “Oh my God!” she squealed. “I feel so funny!”

She rolled back so that her hips were in the air, then used her hands to ease her shorts down. When they were around her knees, she just sort of flailed around and kicked a bit, but they weren’t going anywhere.

“Here,” I said, getting down on my knees next to the couch. “I’ll help you.”

I pulled the fabric down her long, tan legs, then off her perfectly sculpted and manicured feet. While I was doing that, I glanced up and noticed that she was struggling to pull her shirt up over her head. Her arms and head were all trapped inside and she had no strength to get out.

I dropped her shorts to the ground and laughed. “Here, let me help you.” I reached up to pull on her shirt, but then decided to go for the bra strap instead. I reached around Natalie while she struggled and giggled, then as the bra opened up, her tits spilled out.

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