All Anal Incest 5 : 10-Pack

by Connie Cuckquean, Kimmy Welsh, Tori Westwood

'All Anal' just the way you like it, from daddy daughter anal virgins, to bdsm threesomes and mothers taking it from their sons.  They all feature in this debauched anal erotica bundle.  If you like ass-pounding fantasies, then this collection is for you!

Warning : This book contains explicit sexual content.  Strictly Adults Only!


Stories Included :

  1. Taken To The Workshop to be F’d In The Ass
  2. Hotel Sex
  3. My Soccer Victory Ass-F
  4. My Blindfolded Daddy F’d My A
  5. My First Time Anal Meet-Up
  6. Spin the Bottle
  7. Thanksgiving Stuffing
  8. I Thought My Son’s C Was My Husband’s
  9. F’ing My Son & His Dad
  10. Daddy Becomes Maddie

My pussy was wet already at the mere idea of it all.  Truth be told I think I’d been slowly getting soaked all day, ever since I started to browse over those sinful images.

“You have to put it in my ass?” I asked, biting a finger.

“Right in your ass,” Daddy said.  “Turn around.”

I did as he asked, showing him my athletic little butt.  Daddy parted my cheeks and then he ran his tongue up through the crack, tickling right over my asshole.

I gasped and my eyes bulged.  I stared straight ahead across the room, then I closed my eyes to concentrate on that eerie sensation again.  It felt so alien, but there was no denying that it also felt incredible.  Daddy’s wet tongue passing over my asshole was a sensation I never thought I’d experience.

“Good girl,” he said, probing a little way inside with his adventurous muscle.


Daddy brought his finger inside the crease and I could feel him pushing at the wet muscle, teasing the tip of his finger a little ways inside.

It didn’t hurt one bit.  Instead it intrigued me.  If the tip of his finger waggling in my ass felt this good, imagine what his huge cock would feel like?  Shit, I had no idea what I was in for.

Suddenly I felt a different sensation against my tight muscle.  I realized soon enough that Daddy was introducing his polished plug to my ass and the narrow tip was gradually breaching my most forbidden spot of all.

“Does that feel good?” he asked, kissing and biting at my ass.

I bounced on my knees and pushed back, feeling the plug spread my muscle open slowly.

“Oh, fuck!” I groaned, feeling a slight sensation of pain as he started to stretch me.

I slapped a hand down on the table and gripped the edge, taking deep breaths as I met the plug’s widest point.

“Good girl,” Daddy said again.

He kissed my ass and this time he teased one of his fingers underneath me to stroke along my damp pussy.

“Fuck,” I hushed, closing my eyes tight in a wince.

The pain of the plug stretching me felt odd when it was mixed with the pleasure of his finger sliding over my petals.  The confusion was intoxicating.  It’s tough to describe.  The pain felt instantly rewarding in ways that I can’t really articulate.  It was like squeezing a spot and feeling an immediate satisfaction afterwards, as though the endorphins from the pain looped in an endless cycle of joy combating distress.

“Fuck, Daddy, that feels good,” I groaned, the worst of it over with.

“You’re doing great,” he encouraged, slotting the toy all the way home until its disc base was the only thing visible.

“Is it … is it in?”

I moved a hand behind me and touched the wood to confirm it.


About the Authors

Connie Cuckquean

Connie Cuckquean writes that sinful erotica that you crave, about housewives letting their husbands have everything they desire while they watch!

Kimmy Welsh

Tori Westwood

I write those dirty, taboo, incest stories that you have to read in secret.  The kind that get you hot and weak at the knees.  They're wrong, but oh-so right!
I enjoy writing them as much as you enjoy reading them, and I think that comes across in my descriptive, explicit style.
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