All Aboard the Anal Boat : Anal Mothers 7

by Tori Westwood

Taking my son Clarke out for his first scuba-diving experience didn’t exactly go as planned.  The dive went fine—perfect in fact—but the aftermath had a few surprises in store.  The main one?  Getting fucked for the first time in the ass by my own son.  Crazy, right?  Read how we do something naughty together out there in the open ocean as I take his hot cum deep in my virgin asshole.


“Let’s get out of these wetsuits,” I said.

Clarke reached up and kissed my lips, thinking nothing of it as he stepped away and unzipped the back of his suit.

The kiss lingered on me for a few seconds and then I tried to compose myself.  Instead though I found my eyes drawn to him as that powerful chest of his was revealed.

“You gonna turn around, Mom?” he said, spotting me watching him but somewhat unperturbed by the attention.

“Sorry,” I said, forgetting myself.

I angled myself away from him and pulled my zipper down, staring out to sea and trying my damndest to keep my eyes in that direction.

I felt the cool breeze over my wet skin as I pushed the suit back off my shoulders, revealing my bikini top before squeaking it down over my skin to let out my ass.

“Damn, Mom,” came Clarke’s voice and I turned to see him watching me, standing there completely naked.


“What are you doing?” I cried, trying not to look.  It was too late of course.  I’d already seen that deliciously big cock of his, hanging there surrounding by his kempt hair.  He looked incredible.

“When did you get a butt like that?” he said, sounding like a completely different person.

“Quit it!” I shouted back, trying not to laugh.

“My own Mom, with an ass like J-Lo,” he said, giving a quick wolf whistle.

“What the hell’s gotten into you?”

I took another look back at him over my shoulder, feeling a sexiness that I hadn’t felt in forever.  Clarke seemed like a whole new man suddenly, coming out of the experience with brimming confidence.

He didn’t seem to be making any special effort to put on his dry clothes.  I looked back again and turned my body towards him slowly, rocking on the boat and in complete solitude with him.

“The front looks pretty good too,” he said, focusing on my big tits that hung in their wet bindings.

“You should really put something on,” I said, but I think Clarke could tell that I didn’t mean it.  The fact I was staring straight at that thick, delicious looking cock of his kind of gave the game away.

“Aren’t you gonna take it off?” he asked, then he sat back against the side of boat, spreading his arms behind him and keeping his legs wide open.

In the silence that followed the rhythmic sound of water lapping against the hull could be heard, splashing like a ticking clock as my mind whirred through the options on offer.

“You just wanna watch, huh?” I asked, trying to get inside his mind.

“For now,” he said, and his words had a sinful edge to them that made me shiver with frightened glee.


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