Aliens Hypnotized My Daughter – Then I Fucked Her!

by Raven Frost

Book Cover: Aliens Hypnotized My Daughter - Then I Fucked Her!

All of a sudden, the room was completely illuminated by an array of indescribably bright colors - colors I could not identify, what the fuck? I looked out the window and was blinded by the source - a sharp burning sensation in my eyes almost left me totally paralyzed. That’s when I heard strange sounds coming from upstairs.



I had just returned home from a long day at the construction site, winding down the best way I could - with a cold beer on the armchair watching some ridiculous alien abduction “documentaries” with my sweet innocent daughter, Emma.

Emma had just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago but luckily still enjoyed spending time with her old man laughing at these funny people’s stories on the TV. It was sort of our little ritual, even though we had seen every episode several times over, we still looked forward to it every day, repeating the same old lame jokes to each other.

Perhaps because it was the only time we truly bonded over something, it felt so special. Her mom worked long 12 hour shifts at the hospital, so it was usually up to me to take care of her, even if at this age she didn’t need much of that anymore.


The last few days at work had been brutal, I had made the fatal mistake of having invited some coworkers over to Emma’s 18th birthday...they were eye-fucking her all night; talking about how she’s finally “legal” and pointing out how she’s turned into a proper woman with all the right curves - obviously behind my back, I’d have knocked their lights out if I'd known.

I had eventually gotten into a couple of physical disagreements with a few of my loudmouth coworkers over it, but at the end of the day I couldn’t blame them. They were right. My sweet little princess turned into a god damn hot piece of ass - sorry, not sorry.

I’m a simple man, even though she is of my own flesh and blood, I couldn’t prevent those incestuous thoughts from occupying my mind day and night. The guilt was overwhelming some days, only alcohol helped.

“Alright daddy, that was fun, like always! I’m going to bed - love you!” Emma gave me a little peck on the cheek before heading upstairs - she was wearing thin, short almost see-through pajamas to survive these awfully warm summer nights.

“Love you too darling!” I replied, as I attentively watched her round juicy ass bounce up and down - leaving me with nothing but dirty thoughts and a massive rock-hard cock.

As soon as her bedroom door closed I fondled myself, thinking about how badly I wanted more from her than just a little kiss...but it could obviously never happen. I drowned my sorrows with a couple more cold ones until I eventually dozed off.

Minutes later I was awoken by dogs barking outside - not just the neighbors dogs - it felt like the entire block’s dogs were yelping and howling. The TV was off, so were the lights. I tried the switches, but nothing gave. Weird. Power outage?


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