Afar In Qatar With No Bra : Bodyswaps 5

by Fearne Forrester

A cousin of a Qatari sheikh grants a rich former soccer-star immense hospitality when he travels to Qatar, showing him that money can buy a man anything—even a body swap!  He transforms into a beautiful western woman and lives a night in that body, but things go wild when a trio of soccer fans have their wicked way with him.  They have no idea!

Read how he discovers what it’s like to be taken in every hole in this regime defying foursome!


“Who wants my tight ass?” I asked.

Mikey was quick to answer.  “I do!”

“I’m good here,” said Paul, and he jerked his cock close to my mouth.  “I wanna come on this pretty face.”

I blinked up at him and bit my lip.  God, I hadn’t thought of that.  Three guys meant three loads of cum.  I’d only ever ejaculated before; I’d never witnessed another guy shoot his load, much less caught it on my face.  I wondered what it might be like, but with Pete fucking my pussy quickly I was scarcely able to think of anything for long.

He squeezed my ass and slapped it, then Mikey dragged down the front of my dress and released my big tits.

Pete pulled out of me and lay on the bed, shaking his cock in my direction.

“Come sit on this you fucking slut,” he cried.

“Tell her, Petey,” Paul said.


I hovered my tits over Pete’s face as he lay in wait on the bed.  He was quick to grip them and give them a fierce sucking.  Finally, I understood what it was like to have my nipples sucked.  Before it did nothing for me, but now it delivered a whole new tingling sensation of bliss.  My tits seemed connected to my pussy by some unseen channel of ecstasy.  Each excited the other.  My nipples stiffened and my pussy swelled.

“Get that cock back inside me,” I demanded of Pete, and I reached beneath and stood him up right.  I swashed him across my wet petals and then sank over him.

Unknown to me Mikey was behind, studying my dot-of-an-asshole and wondering how best to approach it.

“Slow down a second, Pete,” he called out, and Pete did as his friend said.

Paul fed me his cock now that my head wasn’t bobbing.  I sucked on him like a cigar, but soon my attention was snatched away.

Mikey planted his tongue right on my asshole and started to French-kiss it.  I hissed a gasp and then hung my head and sighed warmly.  It felt incredible.

“You dirty bastard,” Paul joked, looking over as his friend latched onto my ass.

Mikey’s tongue swirled ferociously.  Pete started to fuck me slowly, but Mikey kept his hold.  His tongue stabbed and prodded at my forbidden knot, coaxing it wider and teasing a climax to the surface.

It arrived with a rumble.  My body flexed and tensed.  “Oh boys!”

“She’s fucking close,” Mikey said, feeling my asshole wink around his tongue.

“She sure is,” Pete said.  He was rock-solid within me, and his pumps were slow and purposeful.  That must have been how I liked it.  That or I really loved having my ass tongued.  Soon enough I was letting out deep, guttural groans that saw security arrive quickly at the door flap.

“Sir?” one of them asked, peeking inside.

“Us sirs are fine,” Mikey shouted back.

“Leave us,” I whined, catching security’s eye.

He surveyed the scene but then disappeared.  The orgasm rose inside me, and I growled again.

“Fuck me!”

Pete hammered into me, and Mikey stabbed at me with his tongue.  Paul’s cock struck my lips, and I sucked him where I could.  Eventually I put him in my fist and jerked him fast, losing myself to my own orgasm.

“Yes, boys!” I whined, and my pussy clamped tight around Pete.

“Get in her ass, Mikey,” Paul said.  “Do it now.”

Again, I found another one of my virginities being quickly snatched by my rough men.  Mikey mounted the bed and angled his cock down.  Before I knew it, it was sliding through my tight muscle and probing deep.

“Fuck my ass!” I strained.  The vein in my neck throbbed.


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