Adult Fairy Tales 6-Pack : Furry Tales Books 1 – 6

by Margot Devine

The ‘Adult Fairy Tales 6-Pack’ features erotic, twists on innocent fairy-tales.  Be transported to lands far, far away and gasp as pretty damsels receive their very happy endings in all manner of fantastical, paranormal scenarios!

This bundle includes: ‘Little Red Riding Wood,’ ‘Goldie And The Three Bears,’ ‘Booty And The Beast,’ ‘The Princess And The D.,’ ‘Hansel And Gretel’s Desire’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’s Choice.’

‘Little Red Riding Wood’

Little Red is the guardian of the shifter-filled woodland she resides in, looking after flora and fauna alike.  But when a Big Bad wolf comes prowling she soon discovers that being a goody-two-shoes doesn’t always work out.  Little Red discovers that sometimes you must surrender to evil first in order to conquer it.

Read as Little Red tackles the brutish shifter, sacrificing her body to save the petrified piggies and become a woman in the process.

A gal can only take so much huffin’ and puffin’ before she eventually blows back!

‘Goldie And The Three Bears’

Home-invasion is no laughing matter, but when Goldie is caught snooping in the den of the Three Shifter Bears her punishment is stranger than most.  She gets to choose which of them she wants and where, but the Bears decide to ignore her request and teach Goldie the lesson she deserves.  Read how they take her ‘just right’ in this shifter, fairytale fantasy.

 ‘Booty And The Beast’

Bella Goodhead has always been a kind soul.  When hearing about the curse leveled upon former Viscount, Geraldo the Third, she’s determined to come to his aid.  But for years Geraldo has been known simply as ‘The Beast’ and the only time women get close to him is before he beds them.

Many of the local ladies have stories to tell of their time in his derelict palace, but none of them have yet lifted the curse.   However, Bella knows something they don’t.  An ancient text reveals that the key lies in offering The Beast a different kind of sex, but one the villagers are far too prudish and inexperienced to consider.

Read as Bella sets out on a sinful adventure to cure The Beast and sate her own desires to be taken rough and wrong in the naughtiest spot of all.

 ‘The Princess And The D.’

Margot has tended to the needs of Prince Casper for a long time, but has always played second-fiddle to his many lovers.  When a Princess arrives at their door one day Prince Casper decides to put her royalty to the test, slipping a toy beneath her thick mattress to see if the Princess is who she claims.

With her lineage made certain Prince Casper and Princess Geraldine waste no time in consummating their relationship, but they’re keen for Margot’s loyalty to be rewarded.  Read about the sinful smutty threesome in this daring fairy-tale of eroticism.


‘Hansel And Gretel’s Desire’

New housemates Hansel and Gretel venture out to explore their woodland surroundings but soon find themselves on a mysterious path.  They walk along it and discover all manner of abandoned adult toys that eventually lead them to a cottage they’ve never seen before.

They knock on the door to be greeted by a pretty lady in a long dress who invites them inside.  There they discover their deepest, naughtiest fantasies together, using the toys they found along the way in a sinful ffm threesome.


‘Sleeping Beauty’s Choice’

Rosamund is given her sinful fate one day from a Woodland Witch, but her best friend Delilah has instructed the Witch to lie.  Rosamund is told the love of her life will awaken her, so when Delilah kisses the sleeping beauty as she rests in the forest, Rosamund is left confused.

Unbeknownst to either of them, The Witch has already fated Rosamund to another: Prince Charming.  He happens upon Rosamund’s woodland snooze just in time to catch Delilah taking his place on the lips of his would-be-lover.

From a spot in the nearby bushes the Prince watches as the pair consummate their love before he intervenes.  Overcome with lust he has his way with the pair of them, leaving Delilah to confess her ruse.  Who will Rosamund choose?


“Show me,” Goldie said, narrowing her eyes and biting her lip as the bears contorted in front of her.

There were wisps and crackles in the room as Goldie watched their magic-trick.  Gradually the bears morphed slowly, losing a couple of feet before retracting their hair.  Their faces morphed like a storm-cloud and before long Goldie was staring at the immaculate physiques of three smoldering hunks.

Jackson was the first to step forward and Goldie watched as his his moved to rub somewhere between his legs.  She watched the tent-pole rise in his pants and they hung off the tip.  Jackson gave it a brief tug and it dropped to the floor, presenting the engorged, thick length below.

Goldie’s jaw dropped as the thing continued to grow until it looked just like the ones she’d seen in the magazine.  It looked taut and powerful, filled with arousal and unmistakably hot.  Goldie swooned and shook her head in disbelief.


“That’s number one,” she said, then she looked to Griff.

Griff stepped forward with purpose and he too started to rub between his legs, removing the pants that were barely necessary now.  Again Goldie marveled as his prowess was revealed to her but Griff’s cock continued to grow beyond Jackson’s size.

“Wow,” was all Goldie could say.  Jackson’s cock was big but somehow the smaller frame of Griff had managed to disguise a thicker one.

“I guess it’s my turn,” Logan said now.

Griff and Jackson turned to watch Logan do his magic, which should have alerted Goldie somewhat to the sight she was about to see.

Logan rubbed at his crotch and then he started to grow a whole new appendage that peered up out the top of his pants.  Jackson and Griff looked at Goldie’s expression and laughed.  It wasn’t the first time they’d seen that reaction.

“That’s fucking huge!” Goldie said, and she looked at her own slender arm as a means of comparison.

Logan stood proud along with his friends and Goldie ran her eyes along the chorus-line of beautiful cocks.  The decision seemed easy to her.

“Right,” she said, rubbing her hands together.  “Logan: you’re going to have to go in my pussy.  I can’t possibly fit something that big anywhere else.  Griff, that gorgeous cock of yours is going right in my mouth.  And Jackson, you’ve got my ass.”

Jackson curled a palm around his cock and started to jerk slowly.  Goldie watched as he played and then listened as he began to speak.

“Now we know your preference,” he said slowly, “we can do the complete opposite.”

Goldie looked puzzled.

“Logan, you’re in the ass,” Jackson said, and Logan clapped his hands together as though it was his favorite.  “Griff, congratulations; her pussy is all yours.  And me … I get to shut you up with this.”

Jackson bounced his cock on his hand and Goldie looked aghast.

“But you said I could choose!” she protested.

“We did,” Logan said, “but we never said we’d agree.”

The three of them advanced on Goldie from every open side of the bed.  Jackson prowled up from the bottom and in between her legs whilst Logan and Griff came in at the sides.

She looked to the huge cock at her left and the huge cock at her right and then down at Jackson who was getting comfortable between her open knees.

He pushed her dress upwards and Goldie let out a whimper, caught somewhere between shock and excitement.

Griff and Logan put a leg on the bed and it creaked as it took their weight.  Their huge cocks bounced close enough to touch, so Goldie decided to do exactly that.

With Logan in her left hand and Griff in her right she started to jerk them, cruising her fist over the terrific members and pleasing them as best she could.


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