A Slave to His Mistress : Cuckqueans 5

by Connie Cuckquean

Angela was my assistant at work and I was eager to see if she could be just as capable an assistant in the bedroom too.  I invite her over for dinner, but secretly I want her to indulge the fantasy I have of seeing my husband Craig fuck other women.  Angela takes to task expertly, treating me like a nasty slut and having me do all manner of things.  With my husband inside her she’s got me eating her pussy and cleaning her juices from his cock.  She makes me tongue her ass and then put Craig inside it, but it doesn’t end there.  I’m about to take Craig’s big cumshot all over my face at Angela’s demand.  Read how I turn from boss to cuckquean on a dime, submitting to Mistress Angela as the cake has her way with my naughty husband.


“Let her show you how it’s done.”

Angela walked over and put her face close to mine.  She kissed me and gripped my pussy as she did so, curling her fingers inside me.  She shook them and then smacked her lips off mine, bringing her fingers to my face soon after.  They pushed into my mouth and I sucked my juices off them.

“That’s it,” Angela said.  “Now I want you to undress me for your husband.”

She walked in front of Craig and waited for me to follow.  I stood close behind her, hiding behind her back as Craig watched her close.

My hands unclasped her bra and it popped open.  I slid it down her arms and watched Craig beat his cock faster as he watched.

“Oh, yes,” he groaned.  “They’re amazing.”


Angela pushed them together for him and bounced them on her chest as I unclipped her garter.  I let the fastenings hang down and moved straight to her panties.  I pulled them down and knelt to the floor, dragging them over her tights and then off her small feet.

“Unwrap this present for your husband,” Angela said, looking down on me.

She stepped out of her panties and I hugged her legs, resting my face on that toned ass of hers and wishing I could go back in time to when I had an ass just like it.

She turned to face me now and opened her legs, walking her pussy forwards onto me as my head fell back.  Her pussy smothered my face and I mouthed over it messily, eager to please the woman of my husband’s affections.

“Get it nice and wet for his cock,” she said, pulling her lips wide as my tongue slithered along her sensitive flesh.

I kissed her passionately, stabbing my tongue up into her moist core and tasting those fresh, young juices of hers in my mouth.  My hands gripped her ass and she held the back of my head, holding me onto her as Craig watched on.

He beat his cock and sucked a breath over his clenched teeth, relishing the sight before him.  Angela started to grind herself back and forth along my face, working at the hip until her whole pussy was a mess of her wetness and my saliva.

“Stay there,” she ordered, taking herself off me and turning to Craig.  She bent over at the hip and took his cock from him, driving it to the top of her throat before looking back at me.  “Get in there and eat my ass.”

I stared forwards at the tight, puckered knot that winked in front of me.  Even Angela’s asshole looked pretty.  I crawled on all-fours until my face had nestled between her cheeks.

“That’s it,” she said, looking back again, then she put a hand at the back of my head and pulled me onto her.

I kissed at her ass and then teased my tongue out, washing it around her ass as she satisfied Craig.

It went on for a minute or two.  Ahead of me I could hear her sloshing his dick in her mouth and every so often she’d take it from her mouth and shout something back at me.

“Clean my ass,” she said.  “Get it nice and ready.”

I wasn’t too sure what she had in store to begin with.  She turned and sat back on Craig now, reverse cow-girl style.  I watched from the floor as my husband’s big dick flailed across her pussy, desperate to be inside it.


About the Author

Connie Cuckquean writes that sinful erotica that you crave, about housewives letting their husbands have everything they desire while they watch!

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