A Rock And His Hard Place : Frozella : Superhero Erotica Book 3 (Breeding Erotica Anal Sex Erotica)

by Joy Marvelle

Madame Universe enlists the help of ice-queen super-maiden Frozella to procure the services of Magnite, a rock being with magma coursing through his veins.  The two unite in the volcanic, Icelandic tundra and Frozella feels the intense heat of Magnite when he erupts deep inside her.  Madame Universe has two more recruits for her superhero group, The Hard Core, and she’s not stopping there!


He raised his hands to Frozella’s breasts and squeezed.  His thumb slipped across them, and it was Frozella’s turn to moan.  The last time a man had touched her breasts like that, frostbite had taken his fingers.

“Yes!” she cooed, excited.  “It doesn’t hurt?”

“If it doesn’t hurt you,” Magnite said, looking to the drips of water that cruised down over Frozella’s slender body.

“No,” she hushed, and she stepped closer and explored more of Magnite.  She pushed back the rag that sat on his hard shaft, and she started to rub along the thick slab of rock beneath.

“Oooh-oh!” the rock cried, and Frozella found his shy pleasure endearing.

She stroked along him, wondering how it might feel to have that granite thrust up inside her.  Magnite was a good size, but Frozella fancied her chances.  She was a superhero, after all.


“I’ve got to see that thing,” she said, and quickly she whipped the rag from Magnite’s waist.

She stared in wonder at the thick, cracked rock that lunged out from his bulky body like a girthy stalactite.  It looked much like a man’s, only cast in rock and much harder to the touch.  Erectile problems were surely no issue for a guy like Magnite.

“It’s amazing,” Frozella said, her eyes sparkling like glitter.

“I’m glad you like it,” Magnite said coyly.

“I love it!”

As if to prove it Frozella knelt to the earth and started to run her hand over the hot monolith.  Her water dripped all over Magnite and he started to groan deeper than he had before.

“That’s it,” he strained.

The melting ice was their lubricant, and Frozella used it to rush her tight grip up and down over Magnite’s impressive appendage.

She kissed at the tip of him and then started to lick.  He had an earthy, mineral taste that was slightly metallic.  Frozella hummed as she sampled him and Magnite put his hand on her flowing, ethereal hair and started to thrust his hips against her.

Frozella felt his cock burst through her lips.  Her tongue flexed over it and her mouth filled with icy water.

It sloshed around Magnite’s crown, and the brick behemoth continued to moan.  His fists clenched into boulders, and he roared out his release.

Frozella felt a burst of pressure in her mouth and pulled off Magnite’s cock.  She continued to stroke him, pulling out a fiery hot bead of lava.

“You came?” she posed.

“Not yet,” Magnite gasped, breathing hard.  “Pre-cum.”

Frozella stared, studying the hot magma as it seeped from the stony eyelet.  She dragged her fist up the rock cylinder and pinched, then she moved her tongue to the tip and licked.

Magnite jolted warily.  He was about to pull Frozella off him, but then he saw the smirk on her face through the steam that floated up off the hot tip of his cock.

“Incredible,” he wowed.

“It seems as though we cancel each other out, dear,” Frozella said, bouncing her eyebrows.

“What a fortuitous meeting.”


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