A Change Of Scenery : Mom Swap 7

by Tori Westwood

A son, Joel, joins his mother, Christine, on a hike that she’s been planning to do for a while.  She tells Joel of the legend of the Reflecting Pools at the summit of their walk but he doesn’t believe in the fantastical, wish-granting legends.

When Joel awakes to discover that he’s become his mother he has a whole new wish that he’s hoping the lone man who camped with them can help him with.

Read as Joel claims the stranger with his newfound womanly charms, fulfilling his second wish to be satisfied deep and taken hard.


Joel looked on, speechless.  Max was lay on an open sleeping-bag, wearing nothing but a pair of thick socks.  His hard cock stretched up his body, covering his navel.  Joel didn’t know where to look, but nevertheless he kept his gaze locked on Max’s terrific body.

“You—you’re …”

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Max said.  “I could tell we’d hit it off around the fire.  Come in.”

Joel’s eyes bulged.  Max had been waiting for him?

“Don’t just stand there getting cold,” Max said.  “Come get warm in here.”

Joel thought a moment longer but found himself compelled to enter.  He crouched and stepped into the tent, noticing for the first time the big pair of breasts that hung down off his chest, resting in a bra.

Joel lifted his hands and grabbed them.  He then noticed that his nails were much longer than he liked to keep them and that his hands were much more slender.


“You feeling them before I do?” Max laughed.

“No—I just … no.  I’m just cold.”

Joel realized suddenly that the Reflecting Pools were not as mythical as he’d judged.  He still felt very much like himself, but it was clear that his body’s exterior was someone else’s entirely.  If his wish had truly been granted then he knew he looked like his mother, especially since Max and him already seemed to have history.

“So come in here and get warm,” Max said as Joel stepped inside.  “God, you look so good.”  Joel had never had anyone tell him that before.

“You do too,” Joel said honestly.

He sat down cautiously beside a naked Max.  Joel had never been so close to such an obviously aroused man before.  He was nervous, but also excited.  If Joel still had a cock he imagined it’d be as hard as Max’s right now.

“I know you didn’t just come over here to talk,” Max said.

“I was just curious,” Joel said.He looked across at Max and then down at his lips.

Joel sat beside him wearing his mother’s panties and bra.  Max wasn’t coy about staring at Joel’s new body and Joel used the opportunity to take a look himself.

He looked down at his Mom’s big, milky tits and her inviting cleavage.  Her panties hugged Joel’s body tight and felt good against his skin.  Joel had never felt such smooth fabric holding him so completely before.

“Come here,” Max said, and he leaned across the tent, leading with his lips.

Joel felt a tingle of panic but decided to go with it.  This was his wish after all, and if it had all come true then he only had a couple of hours to enjoy his Mom’s body.

He met Max’s lips with his own and the pair started to kiss.  Joel felt Max’s stubble against him and realized for the first time how it must feel for a woman to be kissed by a man.  Joel could feel a warmth inside him that grew as the kiss continued.

His pussy awakened with heat and Joel was suddenly aware of how wet it was.  Max’s hands started to explore, moving over Joel’s womanly curves.


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