50-Pack Vol 22

by Amber FoxxFire

Every day. Every fucking day both my vivacious, curly-haired sister and her mother strutted out to the pool and frolicked around completely naked.

It was like I - the only guy in the house - was completely invisible. I may have only been 18, but that didn't mean I didn't stare.

And stare, I did.

I invested in a very nice, expensive camera and took pics every day.


Stories Included:


- Sleeping Beauties 2: My Wife Brought Me My Sleepwalking Daughter
- Sleeping beauties 3: Fucking My Sleeping Cousin In The Backseat While Her Mom Drove
- Sleeping Beauties 4: Found My Sleeping Sisters Passed Out In The Bed Together
- Sleeping Beauties 5: Fucking My Naked, Sleeping Aunt By The Pool
- Mind Control Fucking My Daughter At The Fair
- Free Use 9: Taking The Pregnant Woman Next Door
- Fucking My Daughter Behind Her Mother's Back
- Genie's Lamp 1: Genie Mind Controlled My Mother
- Genie's Lamp 2: Genie Turned My Sister Into A Submissive Cum Dump
- Genie's Lamp 3: Genie Pacified My Daughter!
- Genie's Lamp 4: Genie Gave Me Complete Power Over My Sister
- Hacked & Hypnotized 1: Hacked Mom To Carry My Baby
- Fucking My 18-Year-Old Mind Controlled Twin Daughters
- Free Use 10: Taking The Gym Ladies
- Free Use 11: Taking The Newscaster On Live TV!
- Free Use 12: Taking The Bimbo At The Bus Stop
- Exchanged My Daughter's Purity Ring For A Mind Control Ring
- Subjected My Sister To Subliminal Messaging
- Fucking My Mind Controlled Daughter In The Backseat Of My Car
- My Dog Hypnotized Me & Compelled Me To Obey!
- Fucked My Handcuffed, Mind Controlled Sister On Her Patrol Car
- Free Use 13: Taking Her In Her Bedroom
- Free Use 14: Taking The Hot, Creamy MILF
- Free Use Revenge Incest 1: Making My Brother Knock Me Up
- Free Use 15: Taking The Boss's Wife
- Free Use: Knocking Up My Wife's Sister
- Hypnotized My Sick Daughter
- My Brother's Dog Knocked Me Up & I Gave Birth To His Puppies
- Free Use Incest 62: Fucking My Sister While She's On The Phone With Her Boyfriend
- Mind Control 1: Mind Controlled Mom In The Shower
- Mind Control 2: Mind Controlled My Sister & Fucked Her In The Backseat While Dad Drove
- Free Use 16: Taking The Delivery Girl
- Mind Control 3: I Watched My Son Mind Control His Sister & Did Nothing To Stop It
- Mind Control 4: Daddy Put A Spell On Me
- Mind Control 5: Hypnotized My Niece, Bred Her Behind Her Mother's Back
- Mind Control 6: Mind Controlled By Grandpa
- Mind Control 7: Runaway Sister Hypnotized & Knocked Up
- Mind Control 8: Fucking Mom In The Backseat Behind Dad's Back
- Mind Control 9: Dared To Fuck My Mind Controlled Daughter
- Mind Control 10: Mom Held Sis Down As I Fucked Her Mind Controlled Daughter
- Punished My Mind Controlled Mother & Forced Her To Submit
- Mind Control 11: Mind Controlled My Mom & Aunt With My VR Headset
- Mind Control 12: My Wife Helped Me Hypnotize My Sister
- Mind Control 13: Gypsy Cursed My Daughter
- Mind Control 14: Gave My Daughter A Cursed Dildo
- Mind Control 15: Hypnotized My Daughter With A Magic Mind Control Flute
- Mind Control 16: Impregnated My Bimbo Daughter With A Mind Control Ring
- Mind Control 17: Grandpa Violated Me!
- Mind Control 18: Fucked Mom & Sis As They Frolicked Nude By The Pool
- Mind Control 19: Mind Controlled My Bimbo Sister With My Cum


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