50-Pack Vol 21

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: 50-Pack Vol 21

Mom was obsessed with babies. Now that sis and I were both 18, she was constantly harping on us to get married and give her some. Every single day she was pushing.

So, one day I took her aside and told her straight.

I was going to give her a baby - in sis's belly - and she was going to help me.

Stories Included:

- Sis Sucked Me Off In The Backseat While Dad Drove
- Two Brothers Mind Control & Knock Up Mom & Sis 1
- Free Use Incest 60: Fucking My Daughter
- Two Brothers Pound Mom & Sis's Mind-Controlled Pregnant Pussies 2
- I Let Daddy Watch Me Undress Every Night
- My Husband Mind Controlled Me To Submit To His Dog
- Bimbofied Humiliation
- Breeding Sis With My Mind-Control Remote
- Helpless, Powerless Daughter Mind-Controlled & Knocked Up On My Lap
- Daddy Daughter Mind Control Breeding Machine
- Punishing My 18-Year-Old Niece
- Mom Caught Daddy Fucking Me - Then Screamed As He Came In Me
- Mom Drank My Hypnotic Cum And Fell Under My Spell
- Gave Sis Hypnotic Ring-Tone
- Demon In A Bottle Gave Me Mind Control Powers
- Gave My Daughter Mind Control Contacts
- Gypsy Mind Controlled My Mother
- Remote Mind Controlling Mom
- Cast A Mind Control Spell On My Aunt
- Mind Controlling My Twin Sister
- Hypnotizing My Daughter To Keep Her Sane
- Knocking Up My Mind Controlled Twin Sisters
- Found My Sister's Only Fans' Account
- Fucking My Mind Controlled Daughter On The Washing Machine
- Mind Controlled By The German Shepherd
- Free Use Incest 61: Claimed My Sister
- My Sister Found My Locket Of Lust
- Chasing My Naked Sister Up The Stairs
- Breeding My Hypnotized Sister In Her Summer Dress
- Stealing My Mind Controlled Daughter’s Virginity
- Mind Controlling My Sister To Become A Breeding Hucow
- Punished By Daddy For Dropping Out Of College
- You Are Getting Very Horny, Sis...
- Knocked Up By My Brother's Dog
- Highway Hypnosis 1: Knocking Up Sis In The Backseat
- Highway Hypnosis 2: Fucking Mom In The Motel
- Highway Hypnosis 3: Hypnotizing My Hitchhiking Sister
- Highway Hypnosis 4: Taking My 18-Year-Old Daughter For A Ride
- Highway Hypnosis 5: Fucking Mom & Sis In The Backseat While Dad Drove
- Squirting Hucows 1: Draining My Sister's Milky Tits
- Squirting Hucows 2: Mom Had The Biggest, Fullest Knockers I'd Ever Seen!
- Squirting Hucows 3: My Cousin's Tits Tripled In Size
- Squirting Hucows 4: Filled A Swimming Pool With My Daughter's Milk
- Squirting Hucows 5: Made Mom & Sis Squeeze Milk Out Of Each Other's Breasts
- Stuck & Fucked 1: Mom Got Caught In The Shower
- Stuck & Fucked 2: My Twin Sisters Got Stuck Under The Bed
- Stuck & Fucked 3: My Daughter Stuck In Handcuffs
- Stuck & Fucked 4: Sister Stuck In Dryer
- Stuck & Fucked 5: Daughter Stuck Reaching Top Shelf
- Sleeping Beauties 1: Fucking My Passed Out Mother


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