50-Pack Vol 20

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: 50-Pack Vol 20

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50 of the hottest stories around! 100k words of pure, hot, filthy sex! Whatever you’re into, this pack has it all: dogs, horses, brothers and sister, daddies and their daughters, mothers and their sons, aunts and uncles - and more!

Stories Included:

- Free Use Incest 49: Knocking Up My 40-year-old Aunt
- Free Use Incest 50: My Brother & I Gangfucked Our Nude Sis On The Beach
- Knotty Doggies 3: Gangbanged By Dogs In The Pound
- Sleepwalking Incest 1: My Aunt Was A Very Heavy Sleeper
- Fucking The Professor - My Brother - After Class
- Dumb Bimbo Sister Gets Tricked Into Fucking Me
- Free Use Incest 51: Sister, Cousin, Niece Sleepover Gangbang
- Pure Sex 12: Daddy Knocked Me Up On My Birthday!
- Knotty Doggies 4: Fido Fucked Me Pregnant
- Mind-Controlled My Daughter - Then Double-Teamed Her With My Brother
- My Naked Mother Got Her Head Stuck In The Dryer
- Free Use Incest 52: Knocking Up My Sleeping Cousin On the Couch
- Don't Just Stare At My Naked Body, Brother!
- Free Use Incest 53: Knocking Up My Married Daughter
- Daddy Made Love To Me Next To My Sleeping Mother
- Plowing My Mind-Controlled Daughter
- Breeding My Enslaved Daughter
- Knocking Up My Mind-Controlled Daughter On My Boss' Yacht
- Getting Knocked Up By Grandpa
- Dominating My Mind-Controlled Mother
- Mom & Sis Mind-Control Bareback Breeding
- Free Use Incest 54: Making My Bratty Daughter My Obedient Sex Slave
- Free Use Incest 55: Stuffing Panties In My Daughter's Mouth & Fucking Her On The Hood Of A Mustang
- Mind Controlling My Virgin Sister
- Knocking Up My Mind Controlled Daughter On My Lap
- Fucking Sis Behind Dad's Back
- Free Use Incest 56: Slipping It To Mom As She Did The Dishes
- First Time With Sis
- Time Stop Incest 5: Fucking My Daughter
- Fucking My Daughter In The Shower
- Free Use Mother 1: I Gave My Son Free Use Pills & Now He's Using Them On Me!
- Free Use Mother 2: I Gave My Son Free Use Pills & Now He's Using Them On Me!
- Genie's Wish 1: Mind Controlling My Twin Sisters
- Genie's Wish 2: Knocking A Baby Into My Fertile Mother's Womb
- Genie's Wish 3: Barebacking A Baby Into My Niece's Belly
- Free Use Incest 57: Fucking My Twin Sisters In The Woods
- Mind-Controlling My Daughter
- Mom & I Knotted & Bred By The Neighbor's Dog
- Gangbanged By Two Stallions!
- I Cheated On My Husband - With his Dog!
- Implanted A Mind Control Chip In My Sister
- Free Use Incest 58: Fucking My Daughter With Her Boyfriend On The Line
- Making Mom & Sis Milking Cattle
- Knotted At The Doggy Day Care
- Mom Got Revenge On Dad By Sleeping With Me
- My Sister Has Two Pussies!
- Gypsy Mom & Sis Mind Control Necklace
- Free Use Incest 59: Breeding My Ballet Dancing Daughter
- Fucking The Family Dog
- Sister Mind Control Collar


I fucked them both, knocked her up and now she's carrying twins.

Let me explain.


It was the wildest night of my life. Absolutely incredible. My 18-year-old sister, Jenna and I got into a weird conversation about reproductive organs - specifically if having two pussies was weird or something.

I stared at her for several minutes - trying to decide whether she was putting me on or not - before answering.

Jenna had been home-schooled and hadn't had a lot of sex education - or any at all, really.

When she insisted that she wasn't lying, I told her to show me what she was talking about. She got really red in the face and very flustered.

"Sis, having two pussies is unheard of. You'd be a medical marvel. Now stop being shy about it and show me!"

I was just thinking maybe she had some weird extra pussy fold or something. I did NOT expect what I witnessed with my own two eyes.


Jenna hemmed and hawed, wringing her pretty fingers as she glanced around the room. Mom had gone to bingo and we were all alone. Even though we were both adults living at home, mom was still the one who took care of everything.

Finally, her emerald eyes lit up and she shook her blonde head, her ponytail dancing in her face.

"Well, okay. But let's go to my room."


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