50-Pack Vol 16

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: 50-Pack Vol 16

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This collection is an assortment of sizzling hot stories that are not in any other 50-pack. It has it all: Daddy/Daughter, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister, Uncle/Niece and lots of hot bestiality stories! Over 100k words of HOT, sweaty, sex! None of these stories overlap with any of the 50-packs, but may be in other packs.

Stories Included:

- Taking Advantage Of My Grieving Aunt
- Mother Son Dressing Room 2: Fucking My Pregnant Mother In The Dressing Room
- Mother Son Dressing Room 3: Milking My Lactating Mother In The Dressing Room
- Sexy Maid Daughters 1: Giggling Maids Do It Better!
- Forced Impregnation 2: Crashing My Daughter's Wedding
- Barebacking A Baby Into My Sister's Womb
- Fucking My Sleeping Sister
- Free Use: Ganging My Daughters In The Shower
- Birthing The Banned Puppies
- Establishing Dominance Over Mom & Sis
- Free Use: Caught Sis Sneaking In The Doggy Door!
- Fucking My Mind Controlled Daughter Hard
- Confessions Of A Pregnant Mother 1: My Son Looked So Helpless! I Just Couldn't Help Myself!
- Free Use: Gangbanging My Twin Sisters
- Sexy Maid Daughters 2: Cleaning My Clock
- Fucking Mom
- Quarantined Home Alone With Sis
- Forced Impregnation 4: Caught My Fertile Sister!
- I Didn't Know My Family Was This Sick & Depraved!
- Extorting Mom For Sex
- Grandma Taught Me How To Be A Man
- Shrinking My Two Sisters & Keeping Them As Sex Slaves
- Daddy, If My Breasts Grow Any Bigger, They'll Pop!
- Free Use Mind Control 1: Testing The App On Sis
- Birthing the Unicorn's Foal
- Knotted In The Backseat While Dad Drove - Part 1
- Free Use: Turning Mom & Sis Into Fertile Hucows
- My Brother Knocked Me Up In The Backseat While Mom Drove
- Pony In Heat
- Mind Controlling My Entire Family 6: Fucking My Twin Nieces In The Locker Room Part 1
- Knocking Up The Dolphin
- Free Use: Barebacking My Fertile Daughter
- Mind Control Sister Sex Slave
- Mind-Controlled By The Pound Dog
- Submit To Me, My Daughter
- Free Use: Knocking Up My Sister At The Breakfast Table
- Free Use: My Aunt Begged Me To Knock Up Her Daughter!
- Fucking The Neighbor's Dog
- Mind Controlling & Knocking Up My Virgin Daughter
- Fucking My Sexy Blonde Daughter In The Pool
- Sexy Maid Daughters 3: Three Little Maids, See How They Fuck!
- Free Use: Fucking Mom & Sis In The Closet
- The Daddy Sex Club 1: Roxy Fucks Her Daddy
- Good Girl, Naughty Dog - Cute Puppies!
- Birthing The Adorable Baby Bunnies!
- Birthing My Best Friend's German Shepherd Pups
- Daddy's Cumslut
- Daddy's Bimbo
- Gay Animal Birthing 1: Birthing The Surprise Puppies!
- Daddy's Broodmare!

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