50-Pack Vol 15

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: 50-Pack Vol 15

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This collection is an assortment of sizzling hot stories that are not in any other 50-pack. It has it all: Daddy/Daughter, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister, Uncle/Niece and lots of hot bestiality stories! Over 100k words of HOT, sweaty, sex! None of these stories overlap with any of the 50-packs, but may be in other packs.

Stories Included:

- Blackmailed Bitches 5: Forced The Neighbor To Hold My Sister As I Plowed A Baby In Her
- Sis Begged Me To Pull Out!
- Knocking A Baby In My Sleeping Sister's Womb
- Panty Sniffing 3: Sniffed & Came In My Daughter's Panties - Then She Put Them On!
- My Sister Drank My Fertility Potion
- Cumming In My Sister's Unprotected, Sleeping Womb
- Taking Advantage Of My Handcuffed & Blindfolded Mother
- Massaging My Bimbo Mother's Hot, Fertile Body
- Knocking A Baby In My Imprisoned Daughter's Womb
- Mind Controlling My Bimbo Daughter To Be My Sex Slave
- Mind Controlling My Bimbo Mother To Be My Sex Slave
- Breeding My Hucow Twin Sisters
- Mind Controlling My Horny Sister & Her Sexy Friend
- Mom Sat On My Lap In The Backseat While Dad Drove
- Accidentally Knocked Up Mom In The Shower
- Gangbanged By A Room Full Of Horny Jocks - My Son Was One!
- Impregnating My Daughter Live On Cam!
- Getting A "Full-Body" Massage From My Sister!
- Free Use: Fucked My Daughter During Her Wedding Vows!
- I Mind-Controlled My Mother And Made Her My Cum Slave!
- Free Use: Daddy Took Me Under The Christmas Tree!
- Free Use: Fucking Mom While She Practiced Yoga
- Chicks With Dicks: Woke Up With A Cock, Seduced By My Sister!
- Sis Helped Me Knock Up My Sleeping Cousin
- Dared To Mind Control My Sister
- Mind Controlling My Prudish Sister
- Mind Controlling My Entire Family 1: Forcing Mom To Submit
- Mind Controlling My Entire Family 2: Fucking Sis In Her Marriage Bed
- Mind Controlling My Entire Family 3: Knocking A Baby In My Cousin's Womb @ 10,000 Feet
- Mind Controlling My Entire Family 4: I Made My Aunt Parade Around Naked In Public
- Mind Controlling My Entire Family 5: Popping My Sweet, Innocent, 18-year-old Sister's Cherry
- Excuse Me, Daddy! My Boobs Are Down Here!
- Hot Sex With The Family Dog 1: Taking Buddy's Knot Deep
- Hot Sex With The Family Dog 2: Daddy's Dog Tied Me, Gagged Me & Bred Me
- Hot Sex With The Family Dog 3: Caught Mom Banging The Dog
- Daddy Fucked Me Behind Mom's Back 1: In The Kitchen
- Daddy Fucked Me Behind Mom's Back 2: In The Backseat While Mom Drove
- Daddy Fucked Me Behind Mom's Back 3: In Her Bed While She Slept
- My Daughter - The Call Girl
- Spanking My Mind-Controlled Sister
- Free Use: Fucking Mom In The Grocery Checkout
- I Gave My Sister A Mind-Control Drug
- Daddy Took Me Into A Dark Alley
- Free Use: Knocked Up Mom While Dad Watched
- Knocking Up The Farmer's Filly
- Fucking My Mind-Controlled Mother
- Mother Son Dressing Room 1: Knocking Up Mom In The Dressing Room
- My Son Took Me On the Train
- What Does The Fox Say? Depends On How Horny She Is
- Fucking My Mind Controlled Daughter

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