25 Pack! Bestiality, Incest, Free Use Anal Tales

by Deborah Cockram

25 of the most lurid tales you'll ever find – bestiality, daddy on daughter, son on mom, interspecies breeding, back door sluts, MILFs, free use and more! Written by five of the sluttiest writers around. Nearly 100 pages of smut, sex, and sleaze, all here for you, just a click away...

Stories in this Big Bundle include:

Anal Love: Slamming My ER Nurse from the Rear

Knocked Up By The Lake Otter & Giving Birth to His Babies

The Chupacabra Viciously Attacked Me & Knocked Me Up

Wrecked & Knocked Up by the Wild Moose

Ravishing Two Beauties (In Public at the Same Time) on Free Use Beach Day

Mom's Fake Boyfriend: She Needed a Fake Boy-Toy, I Decided to Make it Real

Best Sex Ever! Bopping the Sex Club Worker Only to Learn She's My Daughter!

Backdoor Factory Girl: Slammed in the Tiniest, Tightest Hole by the Night Shift Guys

My Great Dane Hypnotizes Me & Knocks Me Up With His Big Cock

Sex Addict! Mom Has An Obsession – And I'm Her Fix

Free Use Brain Hack! Turning Professor into My College Slut

Daddy Wrecked My Ass On Our Wedding Night

Daddy's Date Pill Turns Daughter Into His All Night Slut

Free Use Maid: Sex Potion Makes Her My Nasty Girl

Wrecking Mom During the BDSM Photo Shoot

Student Loan Sex: Mom lets 2 strangers double-stuff me to pay my loan

Fucking Mom in the Shower: I thought it was my Girlfriend!

Shagging the Maid: After She Eats My Free Use Formula Cupcakes

Daddy's Student Loan Slut: Daddy Makes My Payments, But Claims My Sex in Return

Making Wifey an Anal BDSM Slut: For Me & My Brother

The Vet Makes My Dog A Raging Sex Fiend: And He Starts By Pounding Me

Planting My Seed: My Daugther Was Upset, I gave Her Free Use Pills, How She's Happy (And Mine)

Rendezvous Gone Wrong! Accidentally Ravishing Mom Instead of the Visiting MILF

Anal Love: A Backdoor Banging for my Boss' Wife – In Their Home!

The Magician's Spell Made Me: The Town's Public Sex Bimbo

About the Author

I'm Deborah Cockram, and I write all sorts of deep, dark and dirty erotica. Sometimes it's incest, sometimes bestially, occasionally with somewhat "dubious" consent, and other times it's just plain old hard and rough one-on-one (or two-on-one or three-on-one) sex.

Whatever form the sex takes, my stories almost always involve a wicked dose of bondage, sensual pain, and of course, the most depraved, carnal pleasure, all rolled up a single tale.

You know, the kind that all good girls (and bad boys) enjoy…

Because of content restrictions at many retailers, you'll only find my stories at Barnes and Noble, Excitica, some at Smashwords, and of course at naughtyerotica.org

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