21 Or Bust : Suckled Daughters 5

by Millie King

Book Cover: 21 Or Bust : Suckled Daughters 5
Part of the Suckled Daughters series:

Daddy hires me to work in his Sin City casino but nobody knows that the woman who runs the Lucky Udders blackjack game is actually his lactating daughter!

When handsome, billionaire, playboy Tony Ponza comes in I break out the rigged deck and make sure he hits the jackpot—but our jackpots are different to most.

Read as Mr. Ponza sucks the prize milk from me in the middle of our debauched casino.  No-one knows that he’s my Daddy and intend to keep it that way.


“I’ve just about had it with this fuckin’ game,” Daddy said, and I could see a red mist descend as he looked around at the onlookers.  He was quite the actor.  “And what are you punks starin’ at, huh?”

A few shuffled back sheepishly before retreating.  As they did so I pulled the ‘booby’ deck out and unwrapped it, feeding it into the machine.  Now was the time.  We’d milked it as long as we could.  It was time to give him some milk back.

“Relax, Tony,” I told him.  “I think this might just be your lucky hand.”

He threw down another chip and motioned for me to deal.  I tossed a card to him.  It was the ace of clubs.

“Now we’re talkin’,” he said, but when I dealt myself the King of hearts he cursed again and shook his fist at the heavens.

I tossed him the second card.  Daddy pretended not to notice at first.  Instead he punched the sky and cried: “Blackjack!”


“Look at that, Mr. Ponza,” I said.  “They’re both the same suit.”

He looked across at my King and rubbed his hands.  “Come on King of Hearts.”

My other card lay face-down beside my upturned one.  I felt a pang of nerves as I prepared to flip it.  If this wasn’t what I thought it would be there’d be hell to pay.  Daddy wouldn’t forget.

“Come on, Cherry.  Give me something good.”

I took a grip of the corner and turned it over.  I felt an instant relief as I saw what it was.

“Un-fuckin’-believable,” he cried, clapping his hands.  “Un-fuckin’-believable!”  He could have won an Oscar.

I pressed the button under the table and the victory bell chimed.  I’d only ever heard it once before.

“Give me a taste of those gorgeous tits,” Daddy said.

“My pleasure!”

One of the staff came to secure his chips and the table was cleared of cards.  I mounted it and crawled forward towards Daddy, watching his eyes settle on my big cleavage as my tits hung down.  I wore a white shirt tied just beneath them with my blood-red bra visible between the open buttons.  When I was close enough I gripped his tie and pulled him towards me.

“Congratulations, Mr. Ponza,” I said planting a deep kiss on his lips.  It was so fucking wrong.

The crowd around whooped, oblivious to our relationship.  Daddy sank his tongue into me.  I met it with mine, kissing him back with the same burning intensity.

“So, uh, what can we do here?” he asked.

“Anything you like,” I told him.



“Take ‘em out,” he said.  “Let me see those beauties.”

Daddy had seen them once before in the past, which I think was one of the reasons he was here now.  He’d been captivated by them just like everyone else.  I sat back on my knees and my short skirt rode up my thigh.  A whole bunch of people were watching, but I only had eyes for Daddy.

“Good girl,” he said, and his words sent a shiver up my spine.  I wanted to please him more than anyone.


About the Author

Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

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