20 Tales of Ghostly Erotica, Monster Sex, Free Use Magic Spells & Paranormal Birthing

by Deborah Cockram

Halloween Erotica Blow-Out Bundle! 20 tales of chilling, scary, thrilling, heart-pounding monster and ghostly sex. Demons, werewolves, Frankenstein, witches, voodoo sex dolls, hell hounds, vampire, ghostly gangbangs, gargoyle sex and pregnancy, monster birthing tales – it's all here! Enough scintillating, sensual, howlingly debauchery to keep you reading for days...

Tales included in this collection include:

Knocked up by the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Spit Roasted by the Sex Zombie Horde

Sexmare on My Street: Knocked Up by Nightmares of My Grandfather

Sexed Up By Slenderman

The Making of a Scream Queen: Humping Her – Front & Back – Until She Wails!

Salem Sex Trials

Demon Seed: Ravished By Satan & His Hellish Beasts

Ravished By The Headless Horseman Then Fucked By His Horse

Ravished! By The Invisible Man

Fucked By The Warlock & His Slithering Snake-Headed Cock

Ravished & Seeded By Hell Hound

Dr. Jekyll's Sex Syrup Turned Me Into A Wild Sex-Addicted Bimbo

I Was Ravished & Impregnated By the Gargoyle

Fucked & Knocked Up By Frankenstein's Monster

Ravished & Seeded By The Werewolf

Gangbanged by the Ghosts

Hard Halloween Sex: Overpowered & Taken by the Masked Trick-Or-Treater

Taken by the Vampire: A Paranormal Rough Sex, Bondage & Gangbang Tale

Ghostly Gangbang: Taken Hard in the Haunted Brothel House

Supernaturally Savage Sex: I Was Brutally Gangbanged by the Spirits

I Was Forced To Become A Voodoo Sex Doll

About the Author

I'm Deborah Cockram, and I write all sorts of deep, dark and dirty erotica. Sometimes it's incest, sometimes bestially, occasionally with somewhat "dubious" consent, and other times it's just plain old hard and rough one-on-one (or two-on-one or three-on-one) sex.

Whatever form the sex takes, my stories almost always involve a wicked dose of bondage, sensual pain, and of course, the most depraved, carnal pleasure, all rolled up a single tale.

You know, the kind that all good girls (and bad boys) enjoy…

Because of content restrictions at many retailers, you'll only find my stories at Barnes and Noble, Excitica, some at Smashwords, and of course at naughtyerotica.org

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