19/42 Split : Anal Incest 15

by Kimmy Welsh

He’s 42, I’m 19, and he has a bowling alley in his house!  Oh, and he’s my dad.  I don’t see much of him these days but when I do, it’s always fun.  But we’ve never had this kind of fun.  Read as I put my ass on the line, literally, and gamble it on a bet that Daddy won’t win again!


I reached down under myself and surreptitiously toyed, but daddy soon spotted me.

“That’s it,” he said, watching my fingers dance.  “Get yourself off for me.”

With his permission I started to work myself to climax.  The nature of the situation made the whole thing an even bigger turn-on for me.  I’d gone to visit my estranged father and wound up with his fucking tongue in my ass, for God’s sake.  It was a level of naughtiness that I’d never even heard of before.

My clit swelled and the juices of my pussy ran free.  The whole time daddy stayed fast on my ass, licking at me until my asshole started to weaken.  The muscle got massaged looser and soon his tongue was able to enter and exit me with greater ease, waggling its way deeper and coaxing the climax from me.


I moaned, straining and clenching my fist.  I slammed it on the wooden floor and teased my stiffened clit, nudging it in circles with daddy replicating the movements as he drew lines of saliva in and around my ass.

“Daddy!” I gasped, and the moment was upon me.

He rained down a slap on my ass that ignited something within me.  It spurred the orgasm free, and I groaned as it left me, trembling and gasping.

My fingers continued to spin, and the euphoria flowed out of me in waves that made me spasm and push my ass out towards him.

Daddy gripped my butt with two hands, feeding from me like he was licking an ice-cream bowl clean.  I could feel my ass winking on him and when it opened enough daddy would push himself even further inside to taste me.

He didn’t seem to care about my pussy that sat vacant and soaked just below it.  I was discovering first-hand that daddy was an ass man, and it wasn’t about to end there.

I wept out with moans as I lay on the floor, feeling like a brand-new woman.  The climax was still making me spasm and every so often my whole body would convulse a little as one of the after-tremors rippled through me.

Daddy’s face came away from me finally and I sighed, satisfied.  Then I heard the clank of metal and I looked back to see his big, hard cock hanging from his pants.

“If you like that, you might like this,” he said, and then I felt the dull head of his cock at my ass.

“We can’t, can we?” I asked, looking back.

“Baby, we’ve already done worse.”

He wiggled his cock at my ass as if to tempt me, and I’ve got to tell you, it worked.

“Put it in,” I told him, feeling a confidence I never thought I would about anal sex.

He’d worked my asshole so loose with his tongue that it felt like I could actually take him inside me, and I don’t know if I’d ever have a moment as crazy as that again in my life.

He wasn’t about to wait to see if I’d change my mind.  He dropped onto me, and I felt my ass spread wider than I’d ever known it as I took him.


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